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Midwesterner transplanted to California to create damsel-in-distress fantasies. Lorelei Mission is my life-partner. I play a villain but I'm really one of the good guys.
It's been a sad and somewhat disturbing reality since the beginning of the internet that piracy is a fact of life.  But at the moment I'm not going into the topic of the thieves who feel they're entitled to make more profit by stealing the works of others than the creators of said work can ever hope to earn with it.  I won't go into the pernicious online environment that's evolved where theft has become the accepted norm, and anyone who creates anything online (or anything that can be made into a digital file) is expected, in effect, to work for free.  And people don't feel the producers are justified in their ou
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I just had to report another photomanipulator for using one of my copyrighted images.  Attention jerkwads:  You don't have permission to use my works.  You never will.  Read Deviant Art's copyright policy  You're violating it. Aside from the copyright issues, my main problem with photomanipulators is they're creating their crap without consent.  They don't have my permission as the copyright holder, or the permission of my model, or the permission of the celebrity, or the permission of the photographer who took the celebrity's photo.  When I shoot a model I'm required by law to maintain releases
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I promise I'll try to be less cranky and more organized, write more than one journal entry per year and I'll make an attempt to get caught up with all those notes, comments and correspondence.  If you've been waiting for a reply about anything, my apologies for the delay.  I usually try to write replies that have some thought... unless I'm bitch-slapping some scumbag thief, in which case I'll shoot from the hip. By the way, I'd like to thank the good folks at Deviant Art for their quick response on those occasions when someone has rippd me off.  If they responded a little faster when I reported those stealing from my friends they'd be just f
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I'm having a good laugh at the whining pirates who posted below, all worked up because they didn't have any work of their own to post. And now have been deleted by Deviant Art. It's surprising to me how many people don't realize that the whole point of this Deviant Art site is to post YOUR OWN STUFF. If you can't take your own pictures, then draw, and if you can't draw, then write! We are all capable of writing creatively! But stealing other creators' stuff here to repost is just dumb, and does get people deleted.

Hello Mr. Woods… I’m going to try this again (now that I’m more awake). cute blush You see, I was online when you posted this photo and I managed to get the courage to try and say how much I admire your work (and have admired your work) for many years. I managed to find your videos and Loerlei’s while I was in college and it helped me learn that I wasn’t exactly broken to love bondage and I could be sexy and sometimes have fun and laugh while doing it. So I wanted to tell you that and that I’m happy you are still around posting wonderful images and videos. Love and Hugs from a serious RL bondage lover and fan.. :kiss: Trixie Hobble

Congratulations for your work and career. I have followed your work on your different sites for many years.

I'm starting my journey as an author of "damsel in distress" stories.

I hope I could be as successful as you in the future.

Congratulations again.

Historias de "damiselas en apuros" en DamiselasKiqui.

I wish you a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas! :)

Hi Mr. Woods! I just joined DA and wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your images. Excellent job, sir!

Hey, Jon, have enjoyed your images and videos over the years on your site and other streaming platforms. Just wish we could see more scenes of damsels with their arm twisted behind their back as a precursor to being bound and gagged? Just a personal preference of mine, of course, but since I’ve been perusing DID sites the last few years I seem to be in the great minority as I hardly ever see the hammerlock employed on a damsel. I’d love your response if you care to? And thanks for your work over the years.