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Bowser is dead! Long live the King!
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Only took me, what; like 20 years???

Anywho. Onto the raffle winners!

First place goes to ticket number 54, the ever impressive 
Noiramoss and thier lovely collection of eyeballs!
They win:
1. Piece of Literature, or editing services or a weapons design by myself!
2. A commission by LeilaAscariz 
3. A drawing with background by 42Ly 
4. A Haiku by Meterious 
5. 200 points! Points 

Second place goes to the talented and generous LeilaAscariz 
She wins:
1. Weapon deisgn (inked) or lit services by myself!
2. Drawing of one character without background by 42Ly 
3. 100 points! Points 

Third place goes to LadySeshiiria who receives:
1. Weapon design (pencil) or lit services by myself!
2. A Headshot or chibi drawing by 42Ly 

(I added myself to the third place because it seemed boorish to have a prize on my own raffle without me CURSE YOU! my weird sense of honour strikes again.)

Congradulations to the winners! I had a lot of fun doing this and it’s such an honour to have you all here with me.
Another big thank-you to all of the participants, if I could give you all something I would, But alas I have no extra income for it! (Anyone else with children can attest to the veracity of this statement.)

I will be contacting the winners soon to get you connected to your artists/myself.
See you then! And, as always:
    Keep Deviatin’
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A beautiful raffle and congrats to the winners! :D

And speaking of this, LeilaAscariz and LadySeshiiria, you can contact me via public message or via note for your prizes (respectively: one character without background and a Headshot or chibi) ;) Noirramoss already contacted me, so I'm looking foward to hear from you too ^^ 
(If I don't hear nothing by weekend I'm going to write to you to ask what you want :3 ).

And congrats to you too, jon, for having defeat Bowser!