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Laeticia By Vivocateur by jonwassing Laeticia By Vivocateur :iconjonwassing:jonwassing 2 9 Caelan and Kaedah by Akitku by jonwassing Caelan and Kaedah by Akitku :iconjonwassing:jonwassing 7 13
Forgotten footprints
The dust swirls, its grains caught in an inexorable wind.
My footprints mar the ground; lines of history scoured across the earth.
I know that deep below my sight lie remains of worlds and kingdoms, their gods long consumed.
I search through the past, fascinated by fragments the dead whisper to me, but weep as I see their tongues severed with a malicious apathy.
The breath of time stirs dust up into the air again, destroying my mark on the world in an instant.
I’m stilled by my legacy in the wind, watching my own severed tales and forgotten footprints.
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 8 14
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 4(d)
(Cont. from part c)
        The fall seemed to take forever, Agnes’ eyes stinging as the wind whipped at her face. Then shock rolled throughout her body as they struck the river, the freezing cold water enveloping them like a blanket full of sharp daggers. She tired to curl herself around Fayna as they plunged into the icy depths, but still the young laidah was ripped away from her as they tumbled through the water. Somehow Agnes managed to keep a grip on the girls’ collar, putting every last ounce of strength she had into clutching the fabric tight as the river pressed in all around them.
        Agnes struck something hard and let out a column of bubbles, unsure of which way was up while the frigid waters pummeled her. Something deep within just wanted to let go, close her eyes and let the current drag her away, but Agnes kicked out wildly in response; unwilling to surrender herself to the fates this horrid night
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 5 5
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 4(c)
(Cont. from part b)
        Agnes’ breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled up the muddy trail. The wharf sat in the water at the very bottom of the Jorgen's banks, so she knew she had a long way to climb. Screams and shouts sounded out before her, a pair of highwallers emerging from the darkness into the light of her lantern. They slipped and slid as they tried to stop, eyes wide with terror.
        “The boat’s down there,” Agnes’ voice was raw as she stood aside to let them past, “go get in, the rest will be down soon.”
        They hurried downwards, still staring at her in disbelief. A smile pulled at Agnes' face, the warrior wondering what she looked like to everyone else; dressed in wilderman clothes, covered in mud with a massive axe in her hand. The exertion of the battle plus the climb made her legs feel like a raging fire was lancing up and
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 3 4
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 4(b)
(Cont. from part a)
        “Come on, Agnes,” Beocallum motioned forwards with the shield he had picked off of a dead wilderman, “let’s get to it.”
        “Aye,” Agnes responded, following him at a brisk pace. Beocallum was moving a lot faster than she had expected, and she had to break into a half-jog just to keep up with him.
        “So, as you’ve probably guessed,” Beocallum kept his voice low, “there’s a few secrets I’ve been keeping.”
        “That’s obvious,” Caerhan scoffed, ducking behind as they made their way through the hovels of the lowland city, “you’ve been twitchy all night.”
        “What’s going on, really?” Agnes tried, but couldn’t keep the frustration from her voice. Beocallu
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 3 11
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 4(a)
The city of Cagairn, Southwestern Siothall, The Frozen North.
212 Ait siochanta (209th year under the seal)
        Agnes grimaced as the wildermen circled their little group, like a pack of wolves around a wounded khumom. The archers seemed more relaxed than before, but still kept their bows in hand while picking through what remained of the Highwaller feast. Fhurachail, the widlerguard Thale had put in command, picked up the great axe the wilderguard master-at-arms had left by the door and swaggered about with the great weapon up on his shoulder. Agnes recognized the craftsmanship of the axe she had forged, disgusted that her handiwork was in the hands of yet another wilderman.
        “He’s going to kill him,” Agnes turned as Beocallum whispered to himself, staring off into nothingness.
        “We’ll never let that happen,” she leaned over and whispered in h
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 3 2
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 3(e)
(Cont. from part d)
        Thale swaggered into the hall, propping his war-axe up beside the door. He glanced down at the prone figure at his feet, curling his lip. He kicked Tagraich hard in the ribs a couple of times, and when the leper did not move he chuckled.
        “Thank the wilder he’s dead,” Thale pointed to Tagraich, “nobody touch the body, we’ll burn this place with him in it. That should get rid of the plague.”
        The hall was deathly silent while he picked up a half-finished plate and dumped it’s contents out onto the floor, then began picking through all the food until he had a large pile of meat on his plate. He dropped down into a chair and leaned back, tucking a piece of pork into his cheek.
        “What’s this, no music?” He looked about the hall, chewing with his mouth open, “
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 4 7
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 3(d)
(Cont. from part c)
        “You’re…”  The young lad stared at the men kneeling around him, “but I just…”
        “You have the worst possible timing,” Beocallum chuckled wearily, sheathing his blade and rising from his knees, “do you have any idea how complicated this all just became?”
        “Hund!” Eonan scolded reproachfully, “you mustn’t…”
        “His name is Beocallum!” Jorgen interrupted, the initial bark of authority waning as he realized who he was yelling at, “I’s just... if it’s the same with you, I’d prefer we not call each other by the names wildermen gave us. Sorry Eonan.”
        “As my lord commands,” Eonan chuckled, shooting Beocallum an approving look
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 7 5
The sound echoed off of the buildings around Chloe, the quiet noise deafening in the eerie silence. Something small and panicked pulled at her insides, sending childish shivers running up and down her spine, but she pushed the feeling aside as she bolted down the empty street. 
        It's still behind me, she thought, which means I've got a clear path ahead. She hazarded a quick glance over her shoulder, satisfied when she didn't see anything. The creature hadn't moved at anything over a determined shuffle yet, and she was confident the endurance she had built up over years of police work meant she could outrun it.
        Her foot hit something slippery as she was distracted, Chloe tumbling to a painful stop on the concrete sidewalk. She scrambled up onto her knees, disgust rolling over her as long ropey strands of slime
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 6 10
A Matter of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 3(c)
(Cont. from part b)
        The two stepped out into the hall into a sudden silence. Hund could see the gazes of all the gathered highwallers fix upon him, whispers rustling out through the crowd like leaves in a gale. The youth all wore looks of awe or admiration, but Hund could see most of the adults were offended.
        “Great Athair in the Fatherhall,” Agnes cursed, “you’d think the lot of them hadn’t seen a kilt before.”
        “It’s alright Aggie, I expected this,” Hund shook his head, stepping down the couple of steps that led up to the belltower.
        “I didn't,” Agnes joined him quietly, glaring about the crowd. The murmuring of conversations resumed, but Hund could tell most of it was dissatisfied grumbling.
        “Some people have a harder time lett
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 6 3
A Matter Of Honour: The Oaken Throne Chapter 3(b)
   (Cont. from part a)
        “Hund!” Eoin found his tongue again, taking a threatening step towards Hund, “you will not harm a hair on this man’s head as long as you are under my roof, do you understand?”
        “Bit late for that, isn’t it?” Hund snarled back, balancing the seax on it’s point between his feet, “but, out of respect for all the weapons you risked your life giving to us, I’ll not spill blood under your roof. At least, not enough to kill him.”
        “You little shaik!” Eoin fumed, his giant hands forming into fists, “apologize for what you've done!”
        “I’d rather hear what he has to say,” Hund replied, spinning the blade idly.
        “For the love of Athair, put the weapon down!”
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 6 4
Mature content
The Devil you know... :iconjonwassing:jonwassing 5 10
Riches are forever - The Gauntlet 9th entry
      After the vine shifted, Neven moved aside hurriedly. Every fibre enveloping the enormous beanstalk began breaking, the massive vegetation leaning dangerously near the landscape. Neven turned, then drove the axe deep. The shocked sorceress behind Neven clutched the weapon briefly, then fell.
       “The end comes, Emme,” Neven chuckled evilly. Emme the evil sorceress coughed heavily, her laughter gurgled over her lips.
       “The princess dies when Emme dies,” her fingers formed complicated arcane seals.
       “Everybody dies,” Neven ignored the doomed sorceress, “riches are forever.” The beanstalk eventually collapsed, Neven dispassionately observing the pedicel die.
       “Riches are forever,” he repeated, caressing the jewels nestled under Neven
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 2 5
Insignificant foolishness - The Gauntlet 8th entry
Alison breathed carefully down every Fae glade her imagination jumped, knowing little mermaid nymphs orchestrated perfectly questionable rackets somewhere. That undermined Valerie White's xenophobic, yearning, zeal.
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 1 0
Sam and Ash - The Gauntlet 7th entry
What mad and hard in mind?
What sad and slow?
Small mind, and no zest for fun?
The norm.
Sam from the norm. Sam quiet. Sam kind.
Sam blest with norm. Sam blest with kin and clan.
Sam blest with pals.
Sam no glad. Sam blest but no glad in Norm.
Norm glad with Sam, but Sam no full of fun.
Ash no from the Norm.
Ash no with Kin or Clan, like a stag in wilds.
Ash blest with zest.
Braw Ash full of fun, with a glad mind.
Norm no glad for Ash.
Norm mad in mind with Ash.
The Norm no kin to Ash and ilk.
Ash in town with kin of Sam, kin glad of Ash, but sad of not norm.
Ash glad with kin, but no glad of town. Town of Norm, The Norm all around.
The Norm mad at Ash, no fun in mind.
The Norm no kind to Ash and Kin of Sam.
Sam now in town with Kin, Sam kind to Kin and kind to Ash. Sam no mad in mind for Ash and ilk.
The Norm glad with Sam, The norm no bad words for Sam and Kin. Norm no in town, no sad words for Ash.
Ash now mad for Sam. Ash with Sam dream for Ash. Sam kind with all, no
:iconjonwassing:jonwassing 0 0


by AdamKop

I'm not familiar with the clone wars at all, movie or series, but this kind of eclectic ship design really impresses me. It's got such ...

by memod

I fell in love with this piece the moment I saw it, the idyllic countryside and the warm colours drew me in right away. The mushrooms a...



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    Hey guys! Thank-you so much for all your birthday wishes, I really appreciate them. I had a wonderful day: got to hang out with my daughter, we went over to the Registrars office (DMV for Canadians) to renew my license then went and bought the ingredients for English trifle that we made together back at home. My daughter is just the sweetest, and she loved helping me make a "big cake for daddy!"

    Mmmm, Trifle is WAY better than cake, in my humble opinion. Though I'll admit my recipe lacks custard (substituting vanilla pudding) and is a non-alcoholic version, so some of you might disagree with me.
As for gifts, my wife bought me Fallout 76. A poor decision really, cause It's a bigger time suck than the last Fallout. I'm sure I'll whip up the self-control soon to focus on my writing instead, but I have enjoyed a few evenings wandering post-apocalyptic west Virginia already. Randomly giving other players stuff and watching them be confused, grateful and suspicious all at the same time is a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be.

    Speaking of wasting time, I HAVE been working on "The Oaken Throne," but I still don't feel comfortable with what I've got. So I'm going to extend this Hiatus a bit, but I'll make it up to you guys, I promise. This will probably be the Last Hiatus, so you can expect to see a lot of posting after until the stories' end. In the meantime I will be performing a "Draw my OC" contest coupled with a free points/artwork giveaway to make up for it! I just have a bit more to prepare in regards to that, so stay tuned for this weekend! :D

    No one donated to my pool this week, but I have a spotlight I would like to cast anyways. Ralen-Lykos recently posted a picture of all his progress this year and It got me thinking the guy just needs more exposure, especially here in DA. His Jewelry is phenomenal, especially considering he's just starting out.
Do yourselves a favour and head over to take a peek at all the shiny things, then treat yourself to some darn good fantasy literature while you're at it! :D
2018's Progress
I never got around to this after my first year of working in silver, but here are my 12 favourite pieces from 2018 in chronological order.
Overall I am very satisfied with how far I've come, both in design and craftsmanship. I think I still have much to learn about making more traditional jewellery, or at least traditional settings, but I am happiest when I work outside of the box.
I'm excited for this year, the designs I have in mind to try out and those I have yet to pen down. Not to mention excited to see sales pick up as I work to get my name out there and become at least capable at advertising myself - which has never been my forte. 
Here's to a good year all round~
Tree of Life / Yggdrasil by Ralen-Lykos Anthea by Ralen-Lykos Mom's Birthday Present by Ralen-Lykos Broken Heart of the ForestThe forest was still.
It always had been. Nothing moved here; nothing cared to. The trees did not grow, nor bear flower or fruit. From one day to the next, they remained unchanged. Their saplings stood like shrublets, never to reach the height of their parents. Beneath the branches, the skeletons of deer, birds and all other animals marked forever where their owners had lain down for the last time.
He tried to remember what had started it. They so seldom spoke of it in the dale, but he knew he had heard it at least once before; that he had heard the tale of the grey woods. It had been early in his childhood…on the day of the festival of the autumn harvest…
“It is a heavy place.” The traveller had said.
“What place?” the old shop woman had asked.
“The forest between here and the city.” He had answered, his foreign accent catching the young boy’s attention.
The woman’s expression had soured and she

Anywho, back to the grindstone. Hope you guys are having a great week!

        Keep Calm
        Deviate on!
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How often do you send back a commission/prize sketch for changes? How many times is just rude? 

6 deviants said Anything over three is pushing it.
4 deviants said Twice tops, you're probably not the only thing they have going on right now.
3 deviants said Do it in one shot, dude. If you've done more than that it's pretty gauche.
2 deviants said You get what you get and you don't get upset!
2 deviants said Other (comment)
No deviants said As many times as you want buddy, artists don't need free time!
No deviants said Four is the most I would do.


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I will always exchange a watch for a watch or favourites for favourites, but I tend to ignore llamas from people I don’t know or don’t watch me first.


I came THIS close to telling someone off for sending me another random Llama today.

After receiving the aforementioned unwanted woolen quadruped, I visited their page just to make sure I hadn't placed some of their work in my favorites or something (I hadn't) and I found a comment they had responded to rather vehemently.

The original comment was someone thanking them for the llama, and the response was BRUTAL. They bashed the crap out of this poor person because they had the AUDACITY to thank them without reading the whole don't thank me for the llamas instruction on their page.

The hypocrisy is staggering.

 THIS is exactly the reason I hate the llama badges! I came to this site to share my work and view/read the art of others, not collect digital south-american farmstock. Though, as a quick note, to all my friends who gave me a llama when I fav'd your stuff or we exchanged comments: I DO NOT MIND WHEN YOU DO IT. It's just the attention-seeking random ones that miff me.

Someone seriously needs to remind people not to be divas on DA; don't demand people stop to read your profile page if you're not willing to do the same.
GUYS GUYS GUYS! akitku did two of my characters! :squee: check it out!
Caelan and Kaedah by Akitku by jonwassing
I’ve found my new favourite thing to do in a video game: be philanthropic to the other players in fallout 76. They might thank you, they might wonder if you’re going to shoot them, heck they might just axe you in the face, but it’s always funny to watch them sit and wonder about you as you give them free stuff. 
Holy mother of monkey milk...
I may watch too many people: I've got hundreds of notifications. ERGH, this hiatus is somehow stressing me out. I'll be back on the 24th, see you all then.




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The only Outlander I know is a sci-fi film with Jim Caviziel but that was Vikings as opposed to 18th century Venetian.
jonwassing Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
It's a Scottish show set during the last Jacobite rebellion, so 18th century as well really. I'm not familiar with the story of Maria and Jareth, or with labrynth at all really. Your piece looks really good though!
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