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This is my vector of a girl I've met on may, It wasnt that good. She was so kind, nice and gorgeous. I have a crush on her I told it to her but it was too early so it ends up she was ignoring me now and a little bit cynical to me, luckily I can still saw her in social media accounts because she blocked me in Facebook once but I beg her using a dummy account to unblock me and made a deal with her not to send friend request to her anymore then she suddenly agreed. all I can do now is to look how perfectly she was everyday and to be honest Im Inlove with this woman. If God will give me another chance to be his friend which I know it wont gonna happen anymore, I'll court her even though I do not know how to flirt a girl or even to entertain a girl and make a promise to him that I will love his daughter like she was the only girl in this world, give everything and make her happy. How I wish I could say these words to her but I really dont have a guts to tell her because Im so scared of whats gonna happed after I told that I have crush on her what more of telling her I love her. some of her friends were my friends too, they told me that she doesnt have a boyfriend ever since so this will be a challenge to me because Im dealing with a conservative girl. I know no one cares about how I feel, just wanna share it.
embedded_item1469339482413 by Jonvexel
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July 23, 2016
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