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TOP SECRET Lexus LF-A Supercar



A quick background info on the Nardo 400 High Speed Challenge.

"During the last Tokyo Auto Salon, Top Secret announced that they will try to break the 400km/h (248mph) on the Nardo Circuit in Italy. The circuit is 12,6km long and is build as a oval with a 22% curvature.

Top Secret will attempt this with their V12 Supra. It is being said that Smokey already got to a top speed of 200mp/h without any problem. So it looks promising, I’m sure they will succeed in this endeavor."

At the present time, they managed to accomplish 358km/h (222mph) in their first attempt - not too shabby by any means. I’m sure this will not be their only stab at surpassing the 400km/h mark.

And hence my proposal and rendering -

This is my rendering of the Lexus LF-A as a tuner concept car which in this case being the TOP SECRET LF-A Nardo 400 Supercar Concept.

I say, start with the Lexus LF-A. This Lexus concept Supercar is powered by a V10 engine producing 500 horsepower and already capable of speeds greater than 200mph in stock form. Add some Smokey Nagata san flavor into the mix and I believe the magic number will be conquered. Regardless, props to Nagata san and the rest of the Top Secret crew for having the ballzacks to pursue this challenge.

Now let’s hope they build this LF-A when it becomes available. Top Secret Japan have seen this rendering and did like it so I guess that's a good sign.

To read more info on the Lexus LF-A click this LINK

Base image: [link]
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I've heard about this before but not actually seen it! Looks awsome!