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Scion XD - Shell Shocked

This idea started with the factory red Scion xD. As the sporty stock shell/skin comes off and rises away from the car, it reveals a black xD with a snake skin paint job on a body kit inspired by the Desert Horned Viper Snakes with its distinctive horn behind its eyes.

I also integrated some carbon fiber parts with the snake skin paint job to create different textures but at the same time, still complimenting each other.

The body kit is my own design and 100% air brushed. This whole piece was done solely with Photoshop CS.

Here is the base car I used. [link]
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Wow nice JOB!
Big compliments!!!!
to say I'm impressed is an understatement. Quality job seeing an idea through. Love it!
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wow you got some skills. my jaw can only drop so far
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God... What a machine... What a work of art.
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Absolutely astonishing work!
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Beautiful work, but i still wonder how come you guys always tend to use the Subrau Impreza hood on some cars
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freaking awesome man. love it!
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excellant concpet and great execution! I want to see this in real life! Absolutly brilliant! keep it up!
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well done brother nice work
owesome dude
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I want this car... SO VERY BADLY.
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is this seriously the winner???????!!!!!!!!! omg this is so SAD for art...
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HOLY CRAP! Dude, if I have a perfect dream car, this is it. :la: This is the best design of a Scion xD that I have ever seen. The work you put into this really shows! Freaken kudos man! You got some serious talent!
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The powers of photoshop mixed with the powers of those who are gifted can be...destructive.
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Not a big fan of the car, but the picture is amazing!
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This is wickedly cool! Incredibly well done, love the concept and the work you did with this. Looks great.
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