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SL65 AMG Black Series

Mercedes-Benz will release their official pictures of the SL65 AMG Black Series in July 2008 but I thought I create this rendition of how it may look like.

Info on the Mercedes Benz Black Series cars:
The Black Series is a special edition that Mercedes-Benz produces taking a base model, which in this case the 2008 SL65. It is a heavily modified version of the SL65 - heavily modifed being an under statement. The exterior has a modified front end, a fixed roof, carbon fiber widebody fenders and rocker panels, vented hood, speed sensitive rear wing and wider wheels. Suspension is all race spec as well as the brakes, and the drivetrain is F1 technology derived 5 speed automatic with 2 mode settings. The engine built by AMG is expected to put out around 670 hp. This lightweight version will have a limited production of only 350 units.

Info on how this image was done:
I started with a base image of an SL65 then with Photoshop CS, I painted over the car. The widebody flares are fully brushed along with most of the modifications to the body. Reflections are brushed and enhanced to match the new background too. I couldn't decide on the proper wheels so I used the BRABUS Monoblock VI Platinum Edition wheels which I thought suits the car. This piece took about couple of days, working off and on when I'm not inking.

Base picture:
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Wow. What a masterpiece.
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I Love it in Black, It's Even nicer.
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That is one nice car.
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love to own it!
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great work dude, i love this car
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great work dude, i love this car
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And your rendition looks just like the real think. Awesome work man! :+fav:
Ride-the-lightning10's avatar
This is better looking than the real thing. WOW!!
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dude i thought this was real. fan-bloody-tastic =]

great job mate.. i'll be watching ya for some more work :)
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in complete awe of your work

good job :D
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amazing mate :D
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pure badass! awesome job!
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I'm speechless.
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I can't comment on your picture, dude. I'm too busy drooling right now...XD
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I feel the 'same-way' :eyepopping:
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i've seen better from u , i really don't like this one sorry
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