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Legion of Super Heroes

Here is a double page spread from Action Comics #863. It features Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes.

Pencils: Gary Frank
Inks: Jon Sibal
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I like this artist. He draws Superman like Christopher Reeve.  I will have to get out my Action books and look this up.
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love your work man !!! can you tell me how i could get scans like these ???
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Amazing work ... thoroughly enjoying Action Comics!
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That's really cool. But I have to say... Superman looks a bit sinister with that expression.
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i thought batman was one of them...XD
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Awesome work!! great inking! :D
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You really know how to use that Ink... Amazing! :handshake:
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haha dude you are fantastic

but where are they all coming from?? i know wolverine cant fly :P
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holy fucking shit!

not a big fan of comics but this is stupendous!
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too freaking awesome-HUGE lsh fan-great work!
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May i ask on what kind of pens you would recommend me to get the lineart inks some what crisp as yours , just curious...
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I use Hunt 102 Nib. Just make sure the tip of the pen is super clean coz it can snag some paper fibers and it's tough to get some fine lines that way. You can also try holding the nib sideways to get an even finer line. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info, but you wouldnt happen to know an website on where i could purchase some super fine line ink pens by any chance. Would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
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