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BATMAN Earth One cover

The book that we worked on for almost 2 years is finally out.

This is the cover of the 144-page Graphic Novel titled BATMAN: Earth One

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencilled by Gary Frank
Inked by Jon Sibal
Cover Color by Brad Anderson
Lettered by DC Lettering
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You are a pleasure to read!
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And it is an amazing book. It's quite popular at the comic shop I work, and it's one my favorites.
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i got it when i did my comic book run and never stop reading it Geoff Johns did a good job on the earth one story of batman
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That's a strong piece, would Love to see the B/W file. My only complaint...No love for the Inker or Colorist on the cover credits.
jonsibal's avatar
Hey Joe, great seeing at the con. Keep up the good work man. Black Hand FTW!
JoeWeems5's avatar
Black Hand, still going strong. Been trying to convince Danny and Batt to get back on this band wagon. Traditional Inking needs all the support
and promotion it can muster in this digital age. Let me know your con schedule, maybe we can start boothing up again and expanding on the original 5! Great seeing you at the show my friend.
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I bet this felt amazing.
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Is an amazing work what you did in this work
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I freaking love Gary Frank's art! I'm grabbin this at SDCC for sure!!!
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And they couldn't even give you cover credits. Unreal. I know how much you bring to the table, buddy. You deserve equal billing.
jonsibal's avatar
All good, dude.

Will I see you at the Comic Con this year?
TimTownsend's avatar
Nah. Too big and non comic related for me these days. Translation: Im old. :)

Hope youre well, amigo!
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I know what you mean which is why I go to see you guys!

We still gotta get that ol Extreme gang together somehow.
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We really do! I only wish we could figure out a way to do it with EVERYBODY. So many hard feelings.
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