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Audi S3 Chrome

An old chop but I thought might be a funny idea to follow the rusty bucket. This was my 1st time doing a chrome paint job. Something different but def. a useful technique in the future. Check out the base image to see the amount of work done.

Base image: [link]
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wow.. that car is almost invisible..
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very good chrome effect and job:)
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I see blur in some places :P
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you've ruined it!!! what are you doing! you's like making a gold aircraft carrier! ...............BUT WORSE!! (if you are american or french....then i cannot help it)
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Well, aside from the fact that speedbumps would be a bitch, this car is fantastic! Any idea how long it took you from start to finish? Love the chrome job!
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I'd never imagine a convertable s3.
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thats mint! what program you using? maya or max? nice job! THUMBS UP!
Oh my gosh! That is amazing what you did with that car! I am a graphic designer and I know how much time and effort that had to have taken you! It turned out so awesome!
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WTF??? perfect man perfect
nothing to say just perfect o errors

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I have a A6... wish it looked like this... the before and after is just amazing. Wow! g
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nice and shiny!... XD . I really like chrome paint jobs! well done!
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Im not kidding when i say ive always wanted a PURE chrome paintjob on a car. awesome flawless piece here
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