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Aston Martin ONE-77

ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 - The one car to rule them all, limited to only 77 lucky Aston Martin customers. This latest concept car which will be the flagship car for Aston Martin is already rumored to be the most expensive production car ever made at $2.3 million beating the previous record holder - the Bugatti Veyron. Aston Martin had shown us a sneak peak of their latest super car earlier this month. It will be powered by a 7.0 liter V12 with the chassis made out of Carbon Fiber and the body handcrafted in Alumunium. Figure 1 shows the image of the super car code-named ONE-77:

Figure 1- [link]

So after being teased with this image, I did some sketches based on the semi-side profile shot of the concept car. There were enough data on this angle to figure the side panels but the tricky part was the front end. After highlighting the front end in photoshop, more details were revealed. See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 - [link]

Design Notes
The contour of the car as well as all the details like the shape of the windows, the mirrors, the muscular rear fenders and the stretched out front fenders were clear from Aston Martin's preview. The parts that stood out to me was the shape of the headlights. Gone are the typical wide headlights which are now replaced by a narrow, much sleeker shape. As seen on Figure 2, the huge vents in the front bumper is something new from Aston Martin also. This vent is aligned with the vents on the side panels which spans across the front fenders all the way to the the door which replaced the relatively tiny front fender trademark vents found in the previous models. I designed the front nose by combining some design cues found on the current models and putting them all together for a singular design continuity. The iconic grill was also enlarged to properly give homage to the old school Aston Martins. To top it all off, I gave it a high-polished mirror finish to take advantage of the light weight aluminium body panels.

I'm not sure how close my front bumper design will be to the real car but from what I've seen from Aston Martin so far, the ONE-77 should be another handsome car.

For the official website of ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 goto:
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Could this picture fit a wall in a kids room dimensions are 228 x 223cm? Or will it be distort?

I'm trying to suprise my nephew before his bday in a few weeks so trying to get a good sized picture I order for it to fit the wall dimension.
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It is thanks to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) that this car became one of my favourite's.

Shame it isn't in Most Wanted (2012).
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waht a sexy beast
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Sweet! We can thank England for giving us some awesome supercars like this one.
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come on thats got 2 be the best car ever
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are you going 2 buy me a aston.
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MAN thats a sexy car!
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AWESOME JOB!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
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i should be better than the DBS' speed,a?
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buy me a DBS.and i will let you know.
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astons are my favourite cars!!!

but... how can doors open?
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dude it's insane :worship: you do one mean digital drawing of the '77.

Bond your new ride is here. :XD: Hey you should check out, you'll love it.
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