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By Jonny-Rocket
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Finally got around to uploading something! Been busy working for the man. This is my CV which I did at the beginning of the year which probably laid me the job and was great at attracting attention among several hundred applicants. Don't do MS Word resumes. Apparently they get thrown in the bin without being looked at.

The spec bar is something I decided the play around with. I quite like it, but not too sure if it goes with a project like this.
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hittatandblekning's avatar
This is such an interesting one.Your work is very unique..Look like new for me.. :)
svenskadanska's avatar
Owwwooow! This is incredible..How did you think about this? Great work!
Pepper-Garou's avatar
wooa! I loove it!
killerbeeXIV's avatar
i have a question, how did u make it ?:P
Jonny-Rocket's avatar
Photoshop and Illustrator.
aarOnwriiight's avatar
that is brilliant work man!
ooz1266's avatar
looks like something to put on box for shipping out... bad feng shui- stick to clean concept- shipping out isnt shipping in lol- try word.doc
Jonny-Rocket's avatar
I disagree. This CV gave me 3 interviews and 2 jobs from 2007 to 2010 and both employers who recruited me said it was the cover letter that made mine stand out from the rest, which is at certainly a foot in the door…

Keep in mind design trends have evolved over the last 5 years and art is personal preference. This artwork style reflects when I was graduate in 2006 though is has evolved over the last several years and certainly doesn't reflect the art director of 2013 (my CV is different now).

Anyway, my goal for this cover letter was to appeal to creative directors at studios I was applying for. This isn't a shotgun approach to all and every job as I think you should showcase that the skills that appropriate. Hence why word.doc are a bad idea for a graphic designers CV. Since I did get work from these, I'd say it was relatively successful.
Great work seriously !
Butterface93's avatar
Wait, MS Word resumes get thrown in the bin? So employers WANT different? I mistakenly thought they wanted "generic". Guess that's why mine probably got shot in the trash can. Ha ha.
ooz1266's avatar
Dont worry - I am sure they digging in that bin by now
Butterface93's avatar
I really love this! Great job!
robote's avatar
Would you be open to making a film resume for me if I pay?
JohnFront's avatar
A killer resume!! The problem is that the contact details are well hidden and very small. If I was an employer I would loose my 5 seconds searching. I would keep the CV only because it's an eye candy!
salaciouslovely's avatar
I love this. And I think what makes it a blast is you did a cover letter to snatch their attention. I've read/heard that Cover letters are becoming a trend of the past but you've put it to perfect use here using it to get their attention to look at your CV. Old or not it serves as a perfect example for designers everywhere that some things shouldn't be forgotten/trashed but reinvented to best serve you.
AldosKirin's avatar

I'm stuck with my own CV, mind if I ask for some pointers? this one is a blast!
vtx008's avatar
this is great! thanks for the look see! I think I will have to start from scratch. I need my resume to standout and I want to keep your inspiration in mind.
JimValid's avatar
Currently in the process of re-designing my own resume. I've been looking at a few examples online to draw inspiration from, and this is by far one of my favourites. It's interesting that you've used a 'warning label' motif here for the cover letter. It's immediately attention grabbing and the fine details visible on the cover have a sense of humour to them.
Jonny-Rocket's avatar
Thanks :) When I was recruited, apparently they lined up all the CV's on the table and mine was one of the few that stood out the most. So anything to get attention is helpful.

Just be mindful your design that is can also send out the wrong message to your target audience. So while recruiters who are creatives might love a CV that has gone all out, it might not go down so well if you are applying for management or technical jobs.
ribbontin's avatar
MY tutor showed this (and a few other CVs) in my class the other day! Got to this one's my favourite :D
Jonny-Rocket's avatar
Thanks :) Though this one is pretty old which I did straight out of college. My current one isn't as funky. Probably to reflect my so-called maturity!!
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