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Vector Pack: Sixx

Free Vector pack free to use. Just add Illustrator. Make something and if you have time send me a link so I can check it out. Favorites and comments are much appreciated.

No rights reserved.

Oh yeah
Download this too it's my friend Ricky's I use it constantly:

Cool cool, I'm gonna be printing some shirts and stickers soon so yeah if you want some or wanna distribute for me hit me up.
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Could you create a royal-seal type design, suitable for placing on a coin? How much would you charge per hour for such a job?
The lions in this image are perfect, though I'd need something custom....
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amazing work ^^

Great Designs. Thank You!
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my absolute fav.....monkey biznas!
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hey i really love this vector
but can i re design some of them?
and can i use this for commercial use?
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These are great, mind if I use some on some home made beer and wine labels?
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How do i open this file in illustrator?
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Hey. Big thanks for that pack. I use that stuff often. Check this out: [link]
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or [link] Or just about anything black and white here. Thanks again.
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thank you very much
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great pack, thank you mate
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I heart all your stuff, thanks you kindly!
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WOW! ur works are great
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thanks have fun using them.
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