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So this is bit of a special day for me, because I've just reached 100 deviations. Wait, before you think I'm a snubby egotist, this entry isn't really about that. 

I just wanted to thank all you wonderful on this site that took time out of (*cough*) busy lives to look at my silly drawings. I really feel I've grown. My digital stuff actually looks presentable, I'm part of more groups then before, gotten a couple of watchers, and all kinds of other jawginn'.
On this "anniversary", I want to thank anyone whose favored or even looked at my stuff. You're really helping me get around. My two most popular deviants have even reached over 100 favorites, which is more then I can handle.
If you want, here they are: I'm Gonna Wreck YOU! A fight scene of Ralph and Felix from Disney's popular movie "Wreck-It Ralph"
                                      Reviewers Unite A large group scene of my favorite internet personalities, ranging from the AVGN to JonTron to Linkara to Markiplier

As I close in to my third year I have some big plans, most importantly my new web comic to be released in the summer on my tumblr page. More info on that there.

Now that that plug is out of the way, I have one last thing to say. I am always looking for suggestions on what to draw. I love to here what interseting things you guys think up and how it'd look in my "style" (if you can call it that). So that's it. Thanks for the favs.

                                                                                                                                                            Your pal,
                                                                                                                                                                    Jonny Aleksey
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