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Hello wonderful Deviants,

                   A lot has changed since my last journal entry (nearly 5 months ago I think). In that time I have join more groups, allowing me to reach a much wider audience. Much of my recent devs have been of fan art. Not that creepy "shipping" stuff, I don't roll like that. Just pic of things I love, like Nightmare on Elm Street for Halloween or the release of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. 
                   While I love doing this sort of stuff, my own super-hero, The J, has been taking a back seat. But I haven't forgotten him. I have entered Issues 5 and 6 in a contest for Society of Illustrators. If I'm lucky they'll, with other comics, tour colleges 'round the country. Figures crossed.
                  Back to fan art. The real reason for this journal entry in to talk about COMMISSIONS...commissions.....(commissions). With some of pic reach 50 to even 100 favs, I thinks it the perfect time to ask about commissions. Anything you want I'll draw....with some exceptions. No sex or super excessive gore. Let's keep this at least PG-13, or something like that. If it's a comic or anime character or etc., make sure to tell me the name of the person as well as the series they're from. Makes my life easier. 
                  That's really it. If you like my stuff give me a holler. Check out my gallery if you're interested. And before I sign off I'd just like to thank everyone who's favored, commented, or just looked at my stuff. One fav is enough to make me giddy with joy (not that I'm a weirdo or something). You guys are AWESOME!!!
                                                                                                                           Your Broski,
                                                                                                                                     Jonny Aleksey
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Submitted on
January 25, 2014