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Chibi Myrddraal

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Published: July 26, 2006
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Myrddraal are a "shadowspawn" from the Wheel of Time book series, there like ringwrieths..even more awsome!

First of all they have no eyes(those things up there are his eyebrows.. if you couldn't tell) just smooth skin where there eyes should be, yet anyone who meets there "stare" experience a most terrible gutwrenching fear.
They can see just as well in day or night, the level of light doesn't have much effect on them apparently.

they have completely white skin and greasy pitch black hair, white lips, a voice that sounds like rustling dead leaves, and wear black cloaks that don't move in the wind.

When they draw there swords the area around them gets darker, as if the sword is fighting against the light, as if the sword glows darkness.

they can pass into, or become one with, the shadows and come out anywhere that shadow meets light.

and even if you decapitate them they may take up to 24 hours to die, there headless body thrashing ceaselessly in a vain attempt to deny there own death.

isn't he adorable!
maybe i'll call him manny!
this is a first in a line of fanart I'm doing of WoT, they will most likely be all chibi, becuase i don't think i can do justice to robert jordans characters.(the guy who did the book covers certainly couldn't!)
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dawnflower8Student General Artist
XD That's awesome
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AsrathStudent General Artist
whooohooo I wanna cuddle :meow:
or maybe not... looks at the sword...
tho it is impossible to be afraid of THIS myddraal :D
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A cute myddraal... :aww:
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lol. I didn't know Myrddraal could actually be cute!

Anyway, nice job.

And if you're doing more wheel of time art I'd love to see it. I used to really like the series.
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JonmklProfessional General Artist
used to :-(
you dont like it anymore?
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well, I'm just not as into the books as I used to be. I still like them, but not as obsessed. I havn't even read the latest book. I just sort of got tired of the series never getting anywhere.
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JonmklProfessional General Artist
yah the tenth book was actually boring, but you should read the 11th its good.

of course theres no rush since the 12th and reportedly final book doesnt come out till 2009

oh and about more WoT art, i will think about it but i have trouble with book fanart. everyone has there own impression of the characters, but i think if i go with the right style i can pull it off, we shall see.
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wow, 2009? What is Robert Jordan doing? Messing around? lol.

He probably just wants everyone to wait in suspense.

ya, I know, everyone imagines the characters differently. I thought about putting some wot art up myself, but I didn't know if anyone would actually look at it. lol.
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JonmklProfessional General Artist
actually he got some near fatal heart condition and is undergoing treatment.
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oh gosh, I didn't know that! Now I feel bad.

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