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Ultimate Monopoly Title Deeds (Printable)

Printable version of the  Title Deeds for use with Ultimate Monopoly. Print on Heavy cardstock.

Note: This is designed to be printed front and back, so make sure your printer is set to (and able to) do that.
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hola no puedo descargar el archivo para imprimir me sale un eror

Is there a corrected version yet? I see some of the values still aren’t matching up, such as the mortgage values on some of the properties.

Hey, nice work! I making a polish version and i remade all the stuff and I found out that st James and st Charles have wrong backside. the mortgage value is swiped between them. Even the mortgage value on the frontside is different to the backside (i saw your previous comment about the different mortgage values and that it don't have to be 50%, but if the card have two disparate values there's must be a little mistake)... And Baltic ave have $90 rent with scycraper XD "Its evolving, but backwords"


I am building an Ultilmate Monopoly board from Laser cut and engraved wood. These property deeds are great but the first page only does not line up with the second page. All other pages are just fine.

Steve Boyle

First of all great work. Second, pgs. 1 and 2 have misaligned headers so printing those pages double-sided doesn't work. Any chance this will be fixed?

It's very good job. thanks

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thank you! Great Work!

excellent work

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Great Work... So while printing I found that page 2 and page 4 of the .pdf have an unusually large header and make it print not matching the front
I got super confused when I downloaded this and opened it up, because we share the identical first and last name, and wondered if Deviant was running some sort of voodoo in the background
As a suggestion, it would be a good idea if the back pages did not have the card outlines on them, because if a page is even ever so-slightly misaligned as it is being fed into the printer, when you cut out the cards as seen from one side, you will see the outline on the other.  If the card outlines are removed from the back, then the contents are all on an otherwise large plain white background (if printed on white paper), and very small misalignments as the page is being fed are not noticeable as they would be with visible lines near the edges of all the cards on a given page.
theres a page missing, page 3 the one with kentucky, new york,etc
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 They were actually technically there, the image of the fronts somehow got behind the image of the back in my last update. Hitting enter helps sometimes. :P Thanks for the catch.
First of all: Amazing work! A few friends and i tried the game yesterday, and we really enjoyed it!

But I want to hear, do you also have Title Deeds for the railroads?
And do you still work on this project? I found a few mistyped values, don't know if you would be interested in correcting them?
And furthermore, is there any chance you have a photoshop template you used for this which you would like to share? I would really like to customize the street names, street values, board and so to my mother tongue :)
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Hi there. I hadn't been working on it, but I have actually picked it back up recently. What are the mistyped values?

I do have the original files, but they are not photoshop, they are Inkscape. If you would like, I could get them to you.
It would be nice if you could get them for me :)

Some of the things we talked about when we played it, as that on some of the cards, the mortage value was half the buy price (which i think is also the case the original game), but on other cards the mortage value does not match 50% of the buy price. Is this intentional, or should it be 50%?

Also what we found is:
- Baltic Ave: skyscraper should be $900 not $90
- St Charles Place, States Ave and Virginia Ave seems off with their rent value. Prices for 3 and 4 houses is higher than for hotels and skyscrapers
- On the other cards prices for houses/hotel/skyscraper is the same, but on Park Place and Boardwalk houses are just $100 and hotel/scrapers $100

And would it be possible for you to add the railroads to the title deeds too? I know i can find them in the original game, but i would like them in the same style as your cards, and I print yours at a 80% scale, so would be awesome if those could be printed too :)

Again, amazing work on this project!
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OK, they should be updated. Thanks for the help!
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The mortgage price is not always half the buy price. This is as in the original game.

You are right about the rent values being off. I did those all rather quickly and may not have filled in the values correctly after a copy/paste. Same with Park Place Boardwalk. I will fix now.

I guess I can do the Railroads. I wasn't originally going to do them or the original board cards, but then I realized that it was hard to get cards in this style for mega properties. So yes, I will do that for you.

What language are you wanting to translate it into? I am fine with this under the condition that it is for personal use only and not for sale.
Sounds good mate :)

Its only for personal use, and i want to translate it into danish :)
I cant seem to access the title deeds cards please can you help
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They are working for me!
hey iszaak.thanks for your help with this stuffs.
only please add these more helps :
high res pdf file of train stations in title deeds cards;

cutting plots of houses hotels skyscrapers cab stands and train depots;

some information about how much money the bank should have at the beginning of the game (how many 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000);

what signs are on the speed die's aspects 
These cards are neat.  However, there are some corrections that are needed on the deed cards since the game rules for Ultimate Monopoly are the same as those for Monopoly The Mega Edition when it comes to the Property Deed cards and the Railroad/Taxi company cards:

1. On the property deed cards, it should have on them the following: "If a Player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is TRIPLED on unimproved lots of that group, or DOUBLED if all but one lot is owned".
Here is an example using the Florida Avenue card from Monopoly The Mega Edition: Florida Avenue Deed Card from Monopoly The Mega Edition

2. On the railroad deed cards, it should have on them the following: "With TRAIN DEPOT, above rents DOUBLE". On the taxi cab company cards, it should have on them the following: "With CAB STAND, above rents DOUBLE". Here is an example using the Reading Railroad card from Monopoly the Mega Edition: Reading Railroad Deed Card from Monopoly The Mega Edition

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Thanks for this, I will look into those corrections.
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