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Ultimate Monopoly Title Deeds

Inner Track values based on values from Super Add-On Monopoly.

Outer Track values computed by :iconnjr75003: ~njr75003 based on values of Monopoly: Mega Edition.
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Really nice artwork, Great Job!

Thanks you very much. I am learning how to use GDevelop 5, and I thought just making a simple Monopoly game as a self directed tutorial project would be something; if I can do it. Your art will be very useful.

hi.thanks.but railroad card is not this file.

hello friends you can get all the remaining deed cards ( property cards ) from this link thnkeww.. for further information contact me 
Email :
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Hello. Is it true that Wall Street property is not correct?
Why do you lose rent after purchasing hotel?
Is there a "fixed" version available anywhere?
Hi! Please make a fresh package with the table, all cards and rules. I would really like to try it :)
Thanks a lot!
Some of the values are a bit wrong. But, still, I played a few games, they were nice and fun! I had no Homework this Weekend, had nothing to do as it was raining like crazy since 3 days, so me and 5 of my friends played this game which I printed out. I took me an amazing 10 hours 43 minutes to finish! However 3 of my friends played 2 normal monopoly games too, as they got bankrupt before the 4 hour mark. Also, we made a few changes to title deeds before printing out. I dont have the PDF, but here are the mistakes:
The mortgage values must always be half the price, so we changed the backs. (Atleast my friend knew Photoshop). Then we changed the ulility rents a bit:- 4x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 125x, 150x. We changed the bottom word of the title deeds to match mega edition. We changed Cab co. rents to: $35, $75, $150, $300.
Also we fixed the grey rents to match the Super addons version. Sorry, but i lost the pdf file for anyone who needed the fixed version. I even had the unmortgage values written on the back. 
Anyways, the game was very fun!
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Thank you kindly, sir!
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You;re very welcome, you inspired me to do this tweak of the amazing design you've done
I would like your opinion on it……

I added the extra row's on the title cards when I noticed that a few titles werent on there.
hey guys, what an awesome game, we've done a all nighter on this. so fun!
and the printables are so easy to print and use. cant image the hours of work put into this. great job.
any chance you have the deed cards made for the middle part, if not, we just needing the skyscraper amount and we can try and make some ourself
many regards
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Glad you've enjoyed it. Good point about skyscraper amounts for the middle part. I think I had not thought of that. I have no clue, do you have any suggestions?
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I had a derp moment when I replied before. The center-board skyscraper values are available as part of the game Monopoly: The Mega Edition. Here is the link to buy it:…
can you upload the middle part title deeds please?
I did the middle board deeds and railroads my self using ur pdf template jonizaak and some photoshopping, font is a bit thicker, aparently theres a few monopoly type fonts couldn't pinpoint the one u used but it looks good anyway, btw how did u even do the font? seems like u pasted each letter on the cards as individual pictures, anyhow if anyone wants em pm me ur skype or e-mail or something :)
please upload the rest of the cards!!! PLEASE
please upload the middle part
Hi, it is such an awesome and brilliant initiative.

Just want to know, how to un-mortgage the property?
pay the mortage price that's written on the back of the deed
Hello! You did a great job here jonizaak! i am so anxious to try and play this game with my friends. However, i have searched for title deed cards for the middle track with the skyscraper values calculated and unfortunately, i couldn't find any. would it be possible if you can make a printable deed cards for the middle track too? Thank you very much!
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Hasbro should make this.I would so buy it.
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The values for the grey properties are rather... odd. With the first two the 4 house and Hotel prices are the same, and with Wall Street, it actually decreases when that property's 4 houses are upgraded into a hotel, then to the price for 4-houses when further upgraded into a Skyscraper.
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It may be a typo, I will have to look. That one is based on the values from Super Add-ons Monopoly. I will take a look and see.
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