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Ultimate Monopoly Classic

Some people wanted to use this board to play normal Monopoly if desired, so my corner switches did not work with Go to Jail on the outer track. I put it there because I felt like it helped moved people between tracks.
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can you tell me the dimension of the board, i mean the length and width, though only length will work because length == breadth here.

thank you

Thank you for all of the work you put into this board. I stumbled across it while searching for a template to make my own monopoly and thought is was the greatest Monopoly game ever... [yep, the Ultimate]

I used a glue/paper photo transfer method onto a 20"x20" sheet of birch plywood and it turned out pretty good. It's not perfect but it looks kinda like a beat up and used board.

I printed the cards out on various color card stocks and laminated the faces. We are going to start our first game.

We are using tokens from a Simpsons Clue and LEGO pieces for houses, hotels, skyscrapers, train stations, and taxi stands.

The money was taken from a UBUILD monopoly and a Star Wars monopoly so we had to print out some extra 5's and 1's because apparently THE EMPIRE doesn't believe in 5's and 1's. I love your designs on the bank notes but we wanted black and white so we could use colored paper like the original.

It's taken about 3 solid days and we ended up cutting everything out by hand!!

It looks like it's going to be the most EPIC monopoly game ever.:headbang:

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I have another idea: "Ultimate Monopoly UK Version". Switch the brown and purple, rename the railroads (stations) and middle track properties to their London Monopoly equivalents, make the inner and outer boards all London (as Greater London is larger than most US cities) (with inspiration from the UK version of Mega Monopoly for the outer board and for the inner board), rename "Holland Tunnel" to "Greenwich Foot Tunnel", change dollars ($) to pounds (£), change "Luxury Tax" to "Super Tax", give the Stock Exchange stocks more British names, and change "Subway" to "Tube" with the iconic roundel.

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Have not had anything on monopoly. Mode-classic =)
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This is awesome!!! Great Work!