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Ultimate Monopoly

This is a mash up of Monopoly, Super Add-On Monopoly and Monopoly: Mega Edition. Mega (the outer board) received the most editing by me because it duplicated so much from the original board. It differs in these ways: In order for it to fit without increasing the size of spaces, one space was added to each side on the outer board, so 13 per side. I deleted anything that was a duplicate of the original board, so income and luxury tax, and the 4 corner squares. 2 of the Railroads were removed as they serve as "Transit Stations". I ended up with a total of 8 extra spaces needing to be filled. I also moved things around so there not be stuff directly next to the same item between the Mega (outer) and standard (middle) boards (For example, 2 "Chance" spaces). The railroads now serve as "transit stations" (based on the elevator idea from Super add-on) allowing you to move between boards. On the outer board, I to fill extra spaces I added an extra Bus Ticket" space, and an extra "Chance" and "Community Chest" space. I changed to outer board utilities to "Cable", "Trash" and "ISP" so as not to overlap and added an extra, "Sewer" to fill a blank spot. Also, to fill the 4 of the blank spaces I added 4 "Cab Companies" which work like Railroads. For the corners, of the outer board, I added 2 "Holland Tunnel" spaces which allow you move to the opposite corner of the board if landed on. Also, I added 2 "Stock Exchange" spaces, which work with the Stock Exchange mini game. And finally, I recolored the property groups on the outer board and gave them street names of (in counterclockwise order starting with the Light Pink properties): Minneapolis (Light Pink), New Orleans (Light Green), Houston (Cream), Atlanta (Teal), Chicago (Wine), Salt Lake City (Gold), Philadelphia (Peach) and Los Angeles (Maroon). The prices were revise to start at $30 each and go up every 2 properties by $30 (except in the groups that have only 3 properties).

The middle board is essentially plain old Monopoly.

The inner board is Super Add-On Monopoly revised in the standard Monopoly style. The only changes are the elevators are now called "Transit Stations" And Travel cards should be shuffled in with the Bus Tickets from Mega (because they do something similar). I changed San Francisco's Market Street to The Embarcadero since the Outer Board has a Market Street in the Philadelphia properties and I feel Market Street is a more major Street in Philadelphia than SF. I also revised the colors to not overlap any others, so we have, starting in the upper right hand corner, Miami (Brown), San Francisco (White), Boston (Black), New York City (Grey).

I think I ran out of colors!

I really do not have rules written for this yet. It was just a fun art project for me, really. Also, this is FAN ART. No copyright infringement intended. Monopoly is made by Hasbro. Super Add-On is made by RAD Games and Monopoly: Mega Edition is made by Winning Moves (licensed by Hasbro). You should go out and buy all 3! I did!

EDIT 12/31/13: I made a few slight changes. I put a PAY DAY square where one of the stock corners was because I thought it would stink getting stuck on the outer board with no income. I also swapped the SUBWAY square from the Inner board (Super Add-On) with one of the Holland Tunnel squares, so now it is basically a portal between the inner and outer boards. Happy New Year, all!

EDIT 1/9/14: Corrected the cost of Marvin Gardens.

EDIT 1/25/14: Rearranged some corner squares.

EDIT 10/3/16: By popular demand, there is now a high res version of the board here:

EDIT 11/20/18: Fixed price typo on Decatur St. Also, here is a hi-res board with the inner track (Classic Monopoly) squares restored to their original spots here

EDIT 11/21/18: Link to a PDF printable board made by CoolGamer3187 here: Thanks for making this. It's something I've been meaning to do for a very long time. Also check out their Ultimate Monopoly Cheaters Edition:

EDIT 3/3/19: A minor fix.
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I downloaded the high resolution game board and still can't see the words on the squeeze play, stock exchange, or the roll play, can you tell me what they say?

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Is it now available in stores

Amazing. Have you been in contact with Hasbro at all? This seems like a game that would do well with more hardcore gamers.

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Adding the tunnels made it sorta 'Snakes & Ladders'...

FWIW, my beloved wife was a bit annoyed that I wouldn't play 'Monopoly' with her. I don't like 'zero sum' games and, after the first half-dozen times she trounced me, well...

Mind you, she routinely beat every-one else in her extended family, with the exception of a distant aunt who was a 'card-sharp' and had to be watched for 'table tricks'...

I'm looking to get a high resolution version of this artwork that I can print out to play. Please contact me.

There's a link to the high res version in the description. He put that there five years ago. Pay attention.

Okay. Thanks. I'll try not to be so inattentive next time.

Y los dados de velocidad como son cuantas figuras y lados usan

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This is pretty cool. There is a game called Triopoly. It has 3 different boards and you can play with 1, 2 or 3. My friend has it. I haven't played it yet, though.

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You should do "Ultimate Monopoly: The MEGA Edition", based on Mega Monopoly.

I don't understand this passage

On their next turn, an even roll means they travel via the TRANSIT STATION to the outer of the two tracks the TRANSIT STATION leads to; an odd roll means they travel via the TRANSIT STATION to the outer of the two tracks the TRANSIT STATION leads to.

I believe that referred internal or external line.....

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Hello all.

MAD props to jonizaak for this project.

I work at California State University, Bakersfield. We're the "Roadrunners." We've wanted to make a "Runneropoly" for a few years, but we didn't want some generic thing like the "Bakersfield-opoly" they are selling at local Walmarts.

First idea: Change the properties on your project to locations on our campus. Print on paper attached to a foamcore board.

Second idea: Print it on wood.

Third idea: Print the property cards on wood and make the board out of marble.

I really need that thing in my brain that tells me when to stop.

We are having an Extra Life charity gaming marathon this Saturday-Sunday. After working on this project for EIGHTEEN MONTHS I'm scrambling to get it playable in the next four days. I will show pictures next week. For now...

I bought a tile cutter for about $130 from Home Depot. They have marble floor tiles (actual marble) for about $8 per sq. ft. I cut four sizes of what I call ingots: 1.5" x 3" for a standard space, 3" x 3" for the corner pieces, "1" x 6" for the transit centers, and 7.5" x 7.5" for the center piece.

I used Adobe Illustrator and random art to design the art for each space. I covered the ingot with painters tape. Then I used the laser cutter in our Fab Lab to etch each space. I brushed away the dust, and spray painted the piece to get the lettering and the line under the property. Then I taped off the end and spray painted the property color at the top of the space. For the inside track, since it's higher priced properties, I bought some foil so they are gold and blue (school colors) and silver and copper.

I changed a few things. The bus is our local Golden Empire Transit (GET) Bus. The taxicab spaces are now dining locations on campus. The transit centers are major campus events. There are "Buy a Book" spaces. There are lots of smaller changes I can share once I get a picture up next week.

For the random action cards, the "Chance" cards are "Student Orgs" and "Community Chest" cards are "Majors and Degrees". There are 64 of each card. There are also "GET Bus Tickets" (value 1-6 spaces) and "Textbooks." If you have to buy a book, they're $100. If you have to sell one back, you only get $50 - unless you own the bookstore space, lol. "Go To Jail" is "Academic Probation" and "In Jail" is "Parents' Basement."

For the Property Cards, I painted sheet styrene to match the space colors. Then I cut the pieces to the size of the title bar on a property card. For the actual cards, I bought 3.5" x 12.5" pieces of maple, 1/8" thick. I cut out 80 card: 8 utilities, 4 events, 4 dining, and the rest locations on campus. Each card had additional text describing what the space is, where it is, and if it's named after someone, who they were. I also cut the Stock Certificates out of maple.

My plan now is to cut a base, build a dam, place the pieces inside, and fill with resin. Then once it's cured, set the whole thing into a recessed tabletop. I don't think that will happen before this weekend but everything else should. It should at least be playable.

Additional features include a space for our "Multicultural and Gender Equity Center (MAGEC)" space. If you land on that you get a "Safe Space" token you can use at any time to get out of a potentially expensive or detrimental action against you.

Even as laborious as this has been, I still think this will be the "test run" version. Our university's 50th Anniversary is next year (1970-2020) and I'm thinking about using what I learned to make an official version as a gift to the school. Still use marble, but do the property cards a little differently. Maybe change a few properties. Use some gold detailing for the spaces. And instead of making it a single (and very heavy) board set into a tabletop, make the board into nine pieces that can all be stored in a box. I might be able to do it on larger tiles and save the hassle of trying to cut 100+ exactly identical marble ingots.

ANYWAY, I'm super excited and I'll share pics next week.

Finally i finished my custom made monopoly game board it doesn't take that much time to build it (it take around 2 days to build). I play this board since 1 month when i play my first game it take around 3 evening (i play this game from 4:0pm To 8:0pm it was amazing game. Than now we finished it in 1-2 evening. Thank you so much to developers.

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If I played this, I think I'd use 2 d10 dice instead of d6. Maybe d8 would work. Lol is get this if it was made.
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Also, does anybody have any monopoly art or graphics that I could use for the custom box? I would rather not just have a blank box :/
For anybody who is interested in going full send and getting this entirely made (like me), here's how I plan to do it:

* Custom made 24" X 24" board
* Custom made speed die
* Custom made rule booklet
* Custom box and card boxes (with custom/borrowed artwork for the box)
* All property cards will be printed with glossy paper
* All money will be printed with linen paper (which feels like real money)
* All community chest and chance cards will be printed on colored cardstock
* All houses, hotels, and skyscrapers will be made with 3D printer

The custom board, die, rule booklet, and boxes are being made by, and all printed things will probably just be printed at staples. I am expecting to spend around $100 for this project, but I want it to be as official as possible.

I would be interested shipped to UK

How much would it cost me for you to make a board and ship it?
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