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Sizing Things Up: A Starship Size Comparison Chart

Most sizes are from Memory Alpha, Ex Astris Scientia or Wikipedia.

7/21/13: Updated to include Odyssey class from STO (Enterprise-F). 
12/10/17: Update to include Crossfield class (USS Discovery) and Walker class ((USS Shezhou) from Star Trek: Discovery. Crossfield class size extrapolated from this Reddit discussion Walker class is a complete guess on my part. I can't currently find any info other than that it has 15 decks (mentioned in an episode).
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Huh, 577 meters for the Crossfield. I ran pixel measurements comparing utilizing the approximate height of people to find the shuttlebay height and used that as a metric to measure the overall length of Discovery and came out with around 520 meters.
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Oh wow, I had no idea Voyager was so small! Neat.
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She was supposed to be, the idea being if Enterprise D was  battleship/cruise ship; Spacious and grand and the defiant was a submarine, cramped and spartan
The Intrepid was a frigate, lean but smart/fast.
What was really neat as the design of the bridge for the first time OPS is no longer in the front
the bridge went from several ideas including a submarine
then a spartan militaristic enterprise
the intrepid was the first ship in st history not to have a central mounted captains chair
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Thank you for this.  I was looking for this exact thing!
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Wow! Very cool and helpful. :)

I didn't realize the Klingon Bird of Prey was that much smaller than the Enterprise. Huh. That's odd. :confused:
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Thanks! Glad you like it!
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It's amazing just how big that Spacedock is! 0_0
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Yeah, it is friggin huge!
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Agreed! I mean, we'd think it would have to be that huge since we've seen 641-meter-long Galaxy class starships easily fit inside, but it's still mind-boggling. That's one giant mushroom orbiting Earth. =P (That's the other thing, I find the mushroom shape hilarious.)
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Haha, I know. I think it would be visible from Earth at that size, too.
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Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a giant 'shroom! *Mario theme music starts playing* ^_^
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Ha!!! ^^^ Love it!
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Now that you've said that...I must use this joke. There is no way Luke in my fanfic would see that spacedock and not make a Mario refrence!
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Absolutely! I'm glad I gave you something you could use. =D
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intrepid class for the win! go voyager
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Nice - love it!
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Ooh nice. Love the graphic.
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