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Hi Res Ultimate Monopoly Board

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who has messaged me over the past couple of years and has not gotten a reply about UM or other games I have made. I have had some physical illness, depression and other things hit me. That, combined with the overwhelming response was a bit scary. But, I am doing this for all the fans. The love of this thing that started out a little project has just been amazing and humbling. Thank you all for your love and support. 

So, without further ado, here is the UM board at 300 dpi.

Update 11/20/18 Fixed Decatur St. typo to $240
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Oh my gosh this is something I would definitely play!

Hello sir I hope you are in full health and wellness May I have your order Is it possible to send me their cards and debit cards And find out the rules of the game thank you Greetings

Same as Mega and normal monopoly board sizes?
Right Measurements for board(s)
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I'm currently translating all the cards, the rules and a bit of the board into French. Does it make a problem for you?
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This looks very good!

I'm interested in printing this and playing it with my friend and family; to that end I would love to translate it into Dutch. Are there source files available somewhere that I could easily translate? (for personal use only of course)
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Aye, you should send this to Has to and tell them to make this an actual edition (of course giving you a portion of profit). I'd totally buy it
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I can't pick whether to think this looks really fun or really terrifying...especially given that my friends who I used to play Monopoly with would use any loophole they could find, even thinking outside the box (outside the board?) to come up with a few of them.
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I kinda want to play xD
Do you think you'd be able to upload this image with the price on Decatur street set back to $240? Would love to print it out and play it with some friends.
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Typo on Decatur Street (it is priced $2400). Anyways, I really like this :D I'm a bit bothered by the curves or arcs of stations going behind the blue border, but is not a big deal. I hope I could play this :)
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hallo i love this game i collect monopolys any one can help or say were can i guet this ultimate monoply set complete to print if is possible thanks in advence 

Hi . I have a request, if you sent me everything for e-mail, what should I have to the ultimate monopoly to print after the cards banknotes card chances etc, thank you for help
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Why is Mr. Monopoly wearing sunglasses?
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Because he's one cool motherfucker.
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No, dude, you're the cool motherfucker.  This looks pretty amazing. 

I just wish it was about three times bigger so I could print it out on in strips on my 13" wide printer.  Probably looks amazing in full size.

What dimensions did you create this?
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Well, it's vector, so I can render it at any resolution.
Have you considered making a vector graphic version available, for people that can print at higher resolutions than 300dpi?
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I will consider this.
Hello again.

What are the chances of seeing a scalable vector graphic of this board, so that people can print it at whatever resolution (and size) their device supports?
hey iszaak, good work dude!

thanks for your help with this stuffs.

only please add these more helps : 
1)high res pdf file of train stations in title deeds cards;

2)cutting plots of houses hotels skyscrapers cab stands and train depots;

3)some information about how much money the bank should have at the beginning of the game (how many 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000);

4)what signs are on the speed die's aspects 
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