What new product would you like to see at my booth?
43 votes
More new buttons!
More new sushi plush! Sushi dogs ect...
More squids manatees narwhals ect!
Bacon Bacon Bacon - breakfast foods!
Chinese foods..... these include Gangus Prawn, General Tsao, Broccoli Beef, sweet and sour chicken twins, ect... !
Hair accessories!
Cell phone strap!
Adventure time fan plush- finn, jake, lsp ect
More one of kind plush!! odd creatures ect....

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By Jonisey
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I went to a sushi store that said it had your plushies, and they didn't have them! I wanted to cry! :crying:
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where was it ? Sorry they did that.
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Sushi Revolution.
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Oh yes,( I tried to get them sell them for me, but they dont have resources for that)-So we just put a display there.

Dorky's in Downtown tacoma (the arcade bar), will be selling them for me super soon though!
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Cool! Tell me when you start selling them! :meow: