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Вот такая вот лирика. =)
Конкурсная работа.
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Knows how to play bagpipes? Cool

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It's pretty cool, though in my opinion, trolls should only have four fingers
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A troll pipie.  That'll scare the enemy away before the fight.  Would love to hear him play.
можно в картинку под аудиокавер финнтроллей стырить ? плиз ) plutik 
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Nice to see that even in the Highlands, one can find trolls! :D
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Awesome work Jonik9i, I really love how you have managed to capture so many different materials so effectively. Great inspiration piece for me!
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I want my baby-back baby-back baby-back riiiiiibs.
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Very handsome chap!

Great piece!
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Reminded me on the song "Trollslottet", from Otyg :)
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Reminds me of Fat Bastard,
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Отличная работа!!!
Love this piece,!
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This is awesome on so many levels!!
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Tis a fine Scottish troll on the Mores
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Troll and Bagpipe... two things i Love... definitively, i love your work :D
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Wow! Love the bagpipes!
I really love this!
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