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Arceus: Incomprihensible Forme

Arceus - Incomprehensible Forme
Type: ???
Ability: Creators Will - Type changes to the one of the last move that was used.

Signiture Move: Judgement Arms - Arceus contorts to strike with its' 1000 arms, this move hits 1-5 times.
BP - 120
AC - 95
Signiture Move: Dragon Craft - once used Arceus uses Roar of Time, Spatial Rend or Shadow Force.
BP - N/A
AC - N/A

HP - 130
ATK - 130
DEF - 130
SPATK - 130
SPDEF - 130
SPD - 130
BST - 780

"It casted away its earthly shape to to unleash its original power, its being is unable to be grasped due to it freely shaping to itself how it pleases."

"The original forme of Arceus, its body will contort and change into what those who witness it see it as, this form has many depictions and perceptions among people."

This design is based on the placeholder design found in the recently leaked Diamoned and Pearl Beta, among a mass of other prototype designs among Sinnoh's bunch.…

I really wish we got Arceus in a miasma and otherwise ominous shapless form as i believe it would lead to its "God" status much more since a god is something we can probably never truely understand and I would definitally believe 1000 arms coming from the prototype (Assuming that was the base direction they were going, which given a few of the other unfinished simple sprites int he collection, I can believe it) then the final thing.
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amazing! looks very canon and the extra flavor text is well made too!

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This is cool as hell, super well done