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Twin Kosplay
Made as part of auntymoira's newest discord art theme: Cosplay. Due to being in a very Mortal Kombat mood lately i wanted to do one as such. Featuring the Psycaren twins Yuri and Lili (Lamia) Violet.

Originally only starting with Yuri (and then another dillemna on which version of Kitana's outfit to use out of MK2 or MK9's) In the end decided to do both, The decision to draw Lamia cosplaying Mileena followed pretty quickly.

Admittedly i realise there may be a few parts i slipped up on, Be it depth or any other awkward lines.. But for the most part i feel i did a good job.

We'll make it together
In their circumstancial encounter years after their childhood. It seemed unlikely that Airon and Yuri would develop from their small friendship, Airon was after all wasn't very expressive and open to others, Even if he knew her since youth.

But strange miracles happen in the world of Novalla. While she wasn't capeble of fighting everything that came her way. Yuri was intent on fighting back to protect Airon as much as he would protect her and anyone else. They were not without strained conflicts between themselves in their soon established fight against the Cyrex Empire, Yet in the time they knew eachother they began to grow stronger in this seemingly endless battle with the human terrorist. Even after forming the Barrage Squad with Nega and friends along with their other allies Jayco and Lydia. It could be assessed that the two had formed a strong bond that could see past eachothers quirks, Only time can tell if this will be eternal.
First time in two months i've done a main project with both shading and background. Honestly felt a little rusty working on most if not all of it. Thankfully the poseable figures helped alot with getting the anatomy down and should hopefully help me more in future.  
Grookey (Gen 2 Style)
The second of the Gen 8 starters in a Crystal style sprite, Now admittely I had to take alot of liberties with his colours due to an actual GBC sprite only having 4 in a sprite. 

Waaurufu (Crystal Revamp)
Along with the mass of other Gen2 Beta pokemon i had sitting in my files. This was the only one i actually intended to post to my art pages (Made around June if that gives any indication to how long this was sat there for). This was honestly the last Beta poke i did too.

Disclaimers - (You read this)
The purpose of these Sprites be it Refined/Remastered or Remade are for the pure purpose of Proof of Concept/ Spreading awareness for the Gold and Silver Beta. 
They are NOT to be sold, distributed or even monetized in any form. Outside of any official adoption should it ever (though most likely won't) occur from Game Freak or Nintendo themselves. 

These sprites are free use in any fan games however Credit and Consultation must be used and to get the entire frames of these sprites you must message me.

Any distribution of these graphics are not and will not be from me if discovered please inform me immediately. 

The original graphics of these Pokemon are owned copyright by Game Freak and Nintendo.


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I can come off as a bit of a closed off cold hearted jerk and a bit of a sarcastic git on introduction but i feel that once people get to know me to the fullest, i'll probably be someone you might not forget anytime soon.

Getting on my good side: Your honest, your willing to be my friend just because you want to be and not because you want to use me, you don't suck up to me,

Getting on my bad side: Your Instantly Rude, rubbing things in my face, you betray my trust, hypocrites, people deceiving me. people who don't get the hint that if i dont respond the first time then i wont respond at all.

Characters -
The Barrage Squad
Airon, Jayco, Nega, Kiefer, Yuri, Clair, Lydia, Beta

The Cyrexian Empire
Cyrex, Lamia, Bios

The Dark Reframe
Oblivion, Laufeia

Breaker, Darkness, Aequnum, Karen, Dimensia, Ellair/Malys, The Freakshow, Skyla

Youtube - Jonicthedgehog / Shoutparty (Defunct)
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157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex


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