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Candy Icon Theme - 1.0-beta

By jonian
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Candy icon theme is created by Jonian Guveli and Olibia Tsati. After making Erectus icon theme which had quite a success on gnome-look and Jonian's participation in the Humanity icons, we decided to put our effort at the creation of this amazing icon theme.

You can visit our Launchpad page and follow the project progress or report bugs. [link]

Candy icons are licensed under GPLv2. [link]

***WARNING: This package is a preview release and should not be judged as a final product.***


+media and devices icons
+rhythmbox, evolution, alacarte, dictionary and pitivi icons
+187 icons created till now

If you like our work, please consider donating. [link]
© 2010 - 2021 jonian
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I Created A Fork Of Candy Called "Gummy" If Anyone Wants To Check It Out:

Have Fun!
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PAge not found
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The Project Has Died. Working On Something More "Unique"
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I love this, use them as my icons on my Android.
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NICE!!! could be a very great secon icon pack for eOS :D
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DanRabbit has my email. We have worked together in the past. If he wants a new icon theme for eOS, I would be happy to work with him again.

Thanks for your comment!
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nice icon, guys. keep rocking
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Are there chances to see a blue version?
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I've stoped working in this icon theme. You can download the sources from the launchpad page. Every icon has a single svg with all the sizes in it. Change the color (you can use Geany IDE to do it faster) and use the scripts (also in launchpad page) to extract the icons and create the symlinks.

I'm working in a new icon theme which basically is candy icon theme, only that it doesn't use borders and has more details.
But it's going to take a long time to complete. I don't have much free time.
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Does the "1004" in the calculator have any significance?
If not, you should change it to "1337".
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The icons where designed an proposed for Ubuntu 10.04.
Why 1337? (random?)
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1337 is leetspeak for "leet", just google 1337, but I see your methodology.
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Awesome! Very clean. Thanks mate! ;)
Amazing theme, I can't wait for the final product!
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Thanks! I hope we finish it as soon as possible.
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fantastic! very nice shapes and gradients!
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them.
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