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Moon Base Alpha

This is an image I've been wanting to do for a long time.  I used an overlay of the actual moon's surface to texture the surface with rocks.  The moon base was built using Google SketchUp.  Otherwise everything else is digitally painted using Photoshop with my Wacom tablet.  Took just over a day to finish up.
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On September 9, 1999, an explosion jettisoned Earth's moon from its orbit, sending Moonbase Alpha and its crew hurtling through space!

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Looks awesome how you designed the idea for a moon base

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I wanted to reflect the design of the circular pattern of the moons craters. A view of the base from directly above though makes it look like the Micky Mouse logo. That wasn't my intention but maybe it could suggest that Disney funded it. :)

John Madden intensifies

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This image is so cool. It pulls at my memories of all the old sci-fi art I remember seeing when I was a kid: especially with the two astronauts in the foreground, viewing the the moon base from the ridge in the foreground. The ringed habitats are very unique as usually an artist would have put domes over their centers, but these openings give easy access to landing pads and outside work areas. I love the shuttle design. It has a faint Space 1999 Eagle feel to it.
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Yep.  Being that I'm 50 years old I can't help but
return to that older style in my work.  Ha ha.  

I've been told that a lot and I think its funny because
it's not intentional it's just the look I grew up enjoying
I guess.
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Just over a day?  You are amazing.  
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In a world, where astronauts lived in trailers on the moon. One giant meet ball fell from space. And went ka poo ya kay sha. Skeet skeet skeet all over the place. Jizz jizz jizz in my pants formed the white side of the moon. Its now up to vanoss, Nogla, ohm, delirious, terrorizer, and sark to save the moon from the evil alien jizz monsters. Critics are calling the white side of the moon "Fucking stupid", "Flat out retarded", and "a complete waste of time". Own it today on VHS
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Great look, I like the style of the base and the attention to detail like the quarried ridges in the crater walls.
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Thanks.  I realized that if you were to look at the base from directly above it would look like the Disney symbol.  I guess Disney used all the money they made from the Marvel and Star Wars movies to build a space station in the future. ;)
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Least its a different spin on the classic!

Love the new look!
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You're welcome.
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Have you played the actually game? My brother and I play it sometimes.  (Although how slow you walk drives me nuts) 
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I didn't realize that it was a game.  I named one of my old paintings moon base already so I added Alpha to this one just to give it a different name.  Someone else posted "aeiou" earlier so I looked up what it meant and found the game you're talking about.  After seeing some of the game play I think I would get too frustrated with it.  I think I will just wait for Star Citizen.  :) 
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Star Citizen? What's that about?  (Stars that are citizens? cx) 
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Star Citizen is a very ambitious kickstarter funded computer game.…
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"mom I can't see the Earth from my window. I won't be able to sleep."

"Sorry, hon, these were the best rooms we could afford."

But seriously. Awesome pic.
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Ha ha!  Nice.  And thanks!  :)
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