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Luke vs Walker

Artwork done for the ILM Art Challenge.
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That would've been quite the scene...
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Thanks!  I thought so too.  I have to say I'm looking forward to Episode IX to see what Luke does in that movie.
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 If this goes for him like it did for me in Jedi Academy, Luke's toast. Then again, the game mechanics are stupid. A lightsaber should be able to cut through that armor eventually!
he brought down an at-at with his hand this is a cake walk for him
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Ha ha!  Yeah. I suppose it would be.  :)
Luke wins!  Walker doesn't even have a chance!
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Next frame.  The lightsaber resting on burnt embers.  :)
Yeah, yeah, very funny.  Luke has the force.  He can either easily block the laser bolts with his lightsaber and deflect them back at the walker, use the force to push the walker backwards as though it were a Jenga Tower, or leap on top of the walker before it even has the chance to obliterate him and make short work of the pilots.
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Very cool! Love your leaves and the colors! Very nice :D
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