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Untitled 10 - The Adventurers?

(C)2008 Jon Hodgson
A personal piece and my first work out in Art Rage. Polished it up in Painter and Photoshop, but very much enjoyed Art Rage for underpainting, and touching in some nice impasto here and there.
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© 2008 - 2021 JonHodgson
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Wow, very well done...I especially love the way you made the architecture in the first plane, you put in so many realistic details and textures, combined with the dark window. It really draws me inside the painting. Wonderful athmosphere!
Odwynne's avatar
Fine detail and evocative image.
Valkaneer's avatar
Reminds me of my own groups focus. :)

I wish you'd join the team! :O
ancient-warrior's avatar
I love the colors and the whole conception, great atmosphere !
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
LOVE the style! I'd like to feature something similar to this for a unique commission if you're interested: [link]
JonHodgson's avatar
I think I'll pass just now, but thank you for the kind offer and interest in my work! :)
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azzard's avatar
wow, i like it!
0wnenstein's avatar
Great stuff, although the middle horse's head seems awfully tiny
daarken's avatar
I've always loved this piece. Great composition and color palette.
JonHodgson's avatar
Hey thanks - I'm a big fan of your work so that means a lot. :)
Gabbanoche's avatar
really cool:D the first bloke loocks like a werewolf hunter! nice work
Epantiras's avatar
Every inch of it tells a story. Amazing!
nstalhammar's avatar
Fantastic piece of work! So much is happening in this picture, just love it!
Eafiu's avatar
Even tough their concepts are really irrelevant, this reminded me this: [link]

A striking atmosphere...
Mayrt's avatar
Stunning really, good job!
mrSketchy's avatar
yet another spectacular work on your behalf! Once again I marvell at the scenery at the beauty and both the grit in the townspeople looks cautiously to the newcomers of the town in awe and fear. Great work! an awesome scene that should be included in every adventure story!
NPC-alias-Sulare's avatar
very wonderful
lokks like a old drawing :XD:
Figuer's avatar
This is extracted from any good fantasy novel.
Wonderful =)
Auoro's avatar
some areas looks like real acrilic paint
Xadrea's avatar
the textures are wonderful and i like the way u finished the background with the mountains,also the figure/ground relationship is impeccable! this reminds me of any fantasy themed rpg!
natebarnes's avatar
Art Rage? Wow. I never really thought of trying that, but it came out great here. I might reconsider, seeing how you are one of my favorite digital artists. You always keep it so painterly.
JonHodgson's avatar
I'm really loving ArtRage right now. This one looks a little dated to my eyes looking at it now, but I'll maybe drop you an email with some newer AR work, which I can't yet display to the public, so you can see what I've been doing with it. It takes a bit of practice to get it under enough control, but I think its well worth the $20. It would be worth ten times that I think.

I should get a royalty from the ArtRage people because I sell it to that many people. ;)
natebarnes's avatar
You know, their demo doesn't do much to sell the program to serious artists. They lock down so many features that I couldn't tell what all it could do the last time I played with it. Seeing your work and another concept artist that also uses it to great effect has changed my mind. Think I'm going to pick it up.
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