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Iconic hobbit character Trotter for The One Ring rpg from Sophisticated Games and Cubicle 7. There's a Tolkien easter egg here for those who can work it out.

"You left your peaceful life in the Shire when you ran away to find Gandalf, the Conjuror, after he paid a visit to your family at your coming of age party. He tried to convince you to turn back, but as you stubbornly refused, he caught something
in your eyes that convinced him to let you have your way. You spent many weeks with him, until he deemed you ready to find your
own path."
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keight's avatar
Good one. I think the closest any canon hobbit came to badassery was old Bullroarer Took.
lipservice313's avatar
In answer to your riddle posed to the scholars: this was the original concept that evolved into Aragorn. I like it! :)
MatthewJMimnaugh's avatar
And, strangely enough, he was supposed to have wooden feet at one point :D
lipservice313's avatar
Indeed he was! Gotta love the nerdness going on here ^_^
Excellent depiction of Trotter. I love the details in the tree and his footrest. ;)
JD-Kloosterman's avatar
Oh, nice! Trotter fan art. Trotter is the most awesome character who never existed. I feel I must look up this version of him, he looks so grim and yet very essentially hobbitty.
FaerieCarousel's avatar
He's in the One Ring rpg?? I only know about Trotter in relation to his being the first version of Aragorn . . . which is who I instantly thought of when I saw this piece. He looks really good, and now I can actually /visualize/ a hobbitAragorn, which I've never quite managed before despite all my attempts, haha. Well done.
bagasuit091's avatar
Nice work! For the longest time I was staring at the tree, thinking the Easter egg was in there. Wasn't Trotter Tolkien's earlier version of Aragorn?
It certainly was.

Though I'm guessing this isn't the same Trotter. He looks like he's still got his regular feet instead of the wooden prosthetics that gave him his name.
Puddum's avatar
Haha, Trotter yay! I know he was supposed to be Aragorn's counterpart in an earlier version of LotR and I don't want Aragorn replaced, but I kinda wish there was a hobbit like him in canon. All adventurous and worldly and badass. I love this hobbit guy here, he looks really serious and knowledgeable and awesome. And the composition and background is really great, too. I love the almost cartoony and bold shape of the rocks and tree and all the textures. Fantastic work!

And PS nice easter egg in the sculpture! Reminds me of the giant David Bowie heads in Labyrinth during the "false alarm" sequence.
I think he is better off without his wooden shoes it would make a lot of noise when trying to be sneaky.
MirachRavaia's avatar
He was the predecessor of Aragorn in Tolkien's early writings, and I can really see some resemblance. But he should wear wooden shoes ;)
JonHodgson's avatar
Gottit, well done. Of course this isn't the *actual* Trotter of wooden-shoed fame, but the name is a tip of the hat to him. :)

Hey here's another interesting thing - in Tolkien's own illustrations for The Hobbit, Bilbo is sometimes shown wearing black boots. Funny, eh?
MirachRavaia's avatar
That's interesting, I didnt notice it :D
RalphHorsley's avatar
Great character to this (grumpy-looking) fella :)
JonHodgson's avatar
Thanks Ralph! He was a funny one to paint because it took me forever to get into the right feeling for a Hobbity rangery badass type. Once I started it wasn't so difficult, and the thought was worse than the act, if that makes any sense.
RalphHorsley's avatar
Yep, it makes sense :)
Birdtear's avatar
i wonder how he can use that bow ? its bigger than him :D
another nice work :)
bagasuit091's avatar
Haha, when I did archery, the bow was taller than me too. :D
JonHodgson's avatar
He has wiry arms. :)
Cybogoblin's avatar
Maybe he holds it at a 90 degree angle, or only fires it while standing on a rock? :p

As for the easter egg, I suspect it is the branches on the tree (the ends look a bit like elven/dwarven script or musical notes).
JonHodgson's avatar
Good try. As a clue it's less to do with the image and everything to do with the title. One for Tolkien scholars. And now I'm giving it away!
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