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The Heart of Mirkwood

©2013 Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games.

An illustration from The Heart of the Wild.…

I painted a lot of different images of Mirkwood for this book. This is one of the less pleasant forest scenes from the heart of Mirkwood, where there is very little light. I took inspiration for this from Tolkien's own drawings of Mirkwood.


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now THIS is what I expected Mirkwood to be. I was...a bit disappointed by the Mirkwood depiction in the Desolation of Smaug. It wasn't foreboding enough, and they went too quickly through it. 
But then again Peter Jackson is greedy for too much action and cares little for actual story. 
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Fantastic. I love the foreboding air of the image. In terms of creepiness, Mirkwood probably was one of the best portrayed areas Sauron had a hold over. In the Hobbit films, I must admit that the artists at Weta Workshop did an incredible job of showing Sauron's influence on the forest, with the sick-looking trees, poisonous fungi, dark atmosphere, and of course the spiders. Even just looking at artwork of Mirkwood like this piece, I get chills down my spine and feel like I can hear the spiders whispering.
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atmosphere! <33
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Mirkwood is my favorite land in Middle Earth. I wish there was more material on it. 
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I love the mushrooms :)
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This is fantastic. I love how you've made the value and colour range you chose so expressive. Excellent creepy storybook feel.
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Creepy but great!
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Is that an end to the trees or are they eyes? Great job!
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Love this one Jon!!
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Beautiful, moody atmosphere. I love it :)
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