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Carpenter Dwarf

(C)2010 Paizo Publishing

An image for Pathfinder Adventure Path "Kingmaker". One of the many carpenters the characters will need to build their cities.

This one was made with Painter, ArtRage and Photoshop.
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© 2010 - 2022 JonHodgson
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Hello, I am an editor of the Dwarf Fortress Wiki. It has come to my knowledge that another user uploaded this artwork to the DF Wiki for use in one of its articles, likely with incorrect license information (flagging it as being under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, and crediting a "RDMP" as the creator). Is this something you gave permission for? Otherwise it will be removed. Said user has seemingly done this for many artworks, though we (another user and I, neither being wiki admins) are still investigating to see the full extent.

Hi,Great art, would it be possible to use the image on my treehouse blog page?

Abraham SquirrelHeart…
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Hi Abraham,
I'm sorry, I can't give or deny permission because I do not own the image - it's owned by Paizo Publishing.
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Pretty Nice job. *u* 
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its so good to see concept art based around a tradesman and you really nailed it :)
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Ah he's got a hammer necklace aswell, dwarfs are so impressively industrious
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Before I even read the description I was like "Hmm... looks Paizo-y" =D
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I assume that he got that wood by cutting down an elf tree, like any proper dwarf would.
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a carpenter dwarf? MIND BLOWN!
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Really nice work!

Can I use it on my blog?
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Thanks! You would have to ask Paizo Publishing who own the reproduction rights - I can't give permission I'm afraid.
Anwel's avatar

Thanks anyway :)
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Great dwarf! :'D
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beautiful art... fantastic. love the drawing skills here and the rendering and textures and colors... great stuff! top level drawing.
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Excellent to see a dwarf that isn't a warrior!
He is full of life, Specially the eyes!
Very good job my friend!
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Excellent work :D
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Very nice. I was invited to become a member of the carpenter's guild once, but I'm not a joiner.
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He is amazing :) Splendid details, I particularly love the saw and all the tools :) A seductive character indeed :)
JonHodgson's avatar
Thanks! Very kind!
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