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Uncle Scrooge #2 (#406) Cover: 'Shiver Me Timbers'



Jonathan Gray, Jan Kruse (w) • Bas Heymans (a) • Jonathan Gray ©

"Shiver Me Timbers!" Hunting a haunted Caribbean treasure, Scrooge is guided by three ghost pirates' disembodied hand, foot, and eyeball!

Solicits have gone up so I now I can finally officially announce that -- in addition to dialoguing/transcribing for Uncle Scrooge (and also Donald Duck!) -- I will also be a regular cover artist!

I know I did stuff for Boom's run before, but this really feels to me like my first TRUE Disney cover. I really have to thank my editors David Gerstein and Sarah Gaydos for this opportunity to have the chance to both write for AND now draw some of my favorite characters growing up. (Now if only I could move forward on some other fronts....) ;)

My style has changed a lot from the Boom days (thank goodness). I'm using Giorgio Cavazzano as bit of inspiration for my my work on the ducks, mostly because I've always loved his expressive and fluid style of drawing the Disney characters. Of course there's also some bits of Barks and Rosa in there too, but my ultimate goal is to use what I'm learning from all the various duck and mouse masters to develop a style that is truly my own. Ultimately, I don't want to want to ape anyone prior, but use what they've mastered to learn and grown in my own natural way. If that makes sense...

Anyway, technical stuff -- as you can see, Donald's general body shape, as well as the ship itself changed from the pencils to the finals. Those were Disney's notes and I really think that the changes they suggested were for it the better in the end.

Colors are by my old Boom running buddy, Jake Myler: :iconlazesummerstone: who I think did an amazing job.

If you haven't seen this months Disney solicits (specifically Donald Duck's where I didn't draw the cover but did transcribe the lead story inside) you can find them here:…

I'm really, REALLY happy with how this came out. I can't wait to show you guys more stuff! Enjoy! :D (Big Grin)
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