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My Bio

Earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a Digital Animation Major. I do like video games, especially platformers. The one thing that bugs me in recent video games is online multiplayer (its just you playing alone against a bunch of people you hardly know.)




For more information, leave a note if interested.

Ground Rules

1. Do Not request anything I don't know.

There's a saying, "do what you know, research a little what you don't." If there's something I know nothing about, I will not do it; it's not just drawing or using my Toon Boom Puppets, but also the research I have to do to get it right.

For starters here's the subject matter I do know:


Equestria Girls

The Land Before Time, or any dinosaur related thing (They were here before the Brony fandom and will last after the fandom)

Godzilla or kaiju related thing


Still mastering the human form, so OC's are fine, but continue reading.

2. Have a clear idea of what you want me to do.

This is especially important for me as an animation artist. By commissioning, requesting, or getting an art trade from me, you are basically having your work done overseas (depending on where you live); the clearer the idea and the more detailed the idea, the better the quality. No one likes to go blind after all.

If you have the character you drew yourself or have a reference requested or commissioned, provide it as such; it can easily go a long way.

3. Art styles take a long time to master.

My current art style (which you can better see with my rough pencil drawings) lies in the middle of an abstract and realistic form. Personally, I want to master Don Bluth's art style or come close. If you ask me to do it in an art style like that of , , or s, you're better off getting a commission from them.

Absolutely under no circumstance do you ask me to draw in the anime's style. Chibi is okay though for the sake of being cute (e.g. daydreams, exaggeration etc.).

4. No NSFW material; I will be the final judge if the art is deemed too much.

5. Time might Equal Money.

If it's gonna take me away from my personal projects for a while, I will have to establish a payroll in the form of a PayPal account, and how much you want me to do will be priced accordingly.

[b]6. If it looks and sounds like a duck, I won't paint it.[/b]

What I'm saying is, don't ask me to paint a "claimed" design too similar to an official one (e.g. a differently painted Sunset Shimmer or a Godzilla with a differently painted arm). That is just plagiarism and very unprofessional of you the client.

[b]7. If you the client wishes to upload the art piece yourself, credit and promotion are absolutely mandatory.[/b]

Not many artists spend time and energy doing this for own health. Giving credit and linking back to me here or to my Deviantart profile will allow more clients to see what I've done in the past, take an interest, and therefore I could earn more money.

I am happy to work with you as long as I find it won't inconvenience me.

Favourite Visual Artist
Charles Knight, Don Bluth
Favourite Movies
Godzilla, Marvel,
Favourite TV Shows
Any shows from the 1990s, some recent shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Transiberian Orchestra, The Gorillaz
Favourite Books
Artemis Fowl, Science fiction
Favourite Writers
Greg Weisman, among others
Favourite Games
Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Any platform, but mostly Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
The classic pencil and paper, additional tools interested.
Other Interests
Where do I start? Remember how I mentioned the likes of MayandKirby and DeviantMaster on that list? Of course, they did not take it well. Perhaps it's because I haven't detailed them enough or unproper wording. But let me expand upon this regarding their responses that I've since deleted. I was aware of Slapstick's behavior and blocked him accordingly. I looked and blocked other people they were exposing and I do believe their evidence. It was MMXCrossoveranime's reaction to me blocking him in the first place is because I felt uncomfortable looking into his profile that this mess happened in the first place. He says he's turned a new leaf, but I say the fence was already damaged for him and it'll take a long while for him to earn my trust. Which is now never. Not if he and his pals call me "selfish, toxic, or a creep." And them trying to get others to have me unblock them isn't going to do them better. As for HewyToonmore; I may have deleted his comments on my LBT posts, but my
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Even during these times, I'm probably not the first to come up with a New Years Resolution. But I'm gonna do so anyway. Bear in mind, this practically hinges on Ossoff and Warnock winning the Georgia Run-off Election. Do refrain from posting anything political though in the comments; I, among many, am stressed as is. 1. Resume posting of artwork I have kept in cold storage. 2. Provided the above happens and legislation (as it would most likely be preferred rather than an executive order) passes a bill that forgives 50K in both federal and private student loans; I would finally finance a new computer. After going through my options, a CLX Horus Computer that I could pay off in around two years or so. The prospective minimum payment I'm seeing would also give me quite some wiggle room to finance a Cintiq Pro 24. Here's what I have in mind. 3. I don't plan on taking so many jobs this year around. Likewise, unless I have nowhere else to go
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Merry Christmas!!!
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Thanks for the fav ! ^_^

Thank you for faving my work! You are welcome to visit my gallery for more watercolors :hug:

Commission: Skid the Leopard Gecko

Very late..but Thanks a lot for the fav!!!

thanks so much for the watch. so sorry for the delay. i hope your well. i hope your christmas went well, happy new year to you and all. i hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone. i hope your keeping well and safe. i hope you and the family is well. i thank you so much for the watch. i am over the moon. i look forward to seeing more of you work soon. i wish you all the best of health and luck. please take care best wishes daniel hudson.

kittyglompplz Thanks so much for faving Whimsical Killers~! :+fav:

Whimsical Killers

I appreciate it :heart:

Thanks for the fav ^^

Thanks for the fave :)

Tropical Holiday Cheer by ShoNuff44

Happy Holidays :)