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Who's that doctor 3/16 delisted by JonFreeman Who's that doctor 3/16 delisted by JonFreeman
This set is now delisted
in other words, closed.

If you'd like one of the remaining adoptables, you can still pick them up.  However, they will be at the rate listed here -->…



ADOPTED!! - Dr Juan, a bit crusty and gruff, but she is fairly knowledgeable and willing to have a laugh
- Dr Diles, actually an actress, not a doctor, though her films where she portrayed a doctor have her fans calling her by title
- Dr Tootsie, plays the fool and plays the bagpipes; more consistently, though, she plays her foes like fiddles
ADOPTED!! - Dr Threedy, headstrong, courageous, and an sophisticated lover of motorsports
ADOPTED!! - Dr Forsyth, vacillating between sombre reflection and manic grins, she cares little for what other people think
ADOPTED!! - Dr Feifield, pragmatic to a callous fault, she wears a lucky carrot on her lapel in spite against superstition
ADOPTED!! - Dr Sixby, brazen, brash, and slow to trust others, her awful fashion sense still doesn't speak louder than her arrogance
ADOPTED!! - Dr Sevelle, a humble showman with a ! umbrella handle, She prefers to keep others guessing even after the last minute

ADOPTED!! - Dr Haight, relentlessly charismatic to the point of seduction, she's a lover of romantic adventure and high culture class
ADOPTED!! - Dr Relief, while she admits to being a cynical joke to her profession, she has far greater influence than people want to admit
ADOPTED!! - Dr Warren, a field doctor for a rebellion, she doesn't care for the title given her active body-count in enemy ranks
ADOPTED!! - Dr Neinhaus, conspicuously understated, she's not very personable but always willing to get the job done
ADOPTED!! - Dr Tennis, spunky, paranoid, joker, genius, she's absolutely all over the place (outside of her professional expertise. even then ...)
ADOPTED!! - Dr Ellen, a relentlessly optimistic altruist who has a hobby of collecting bizarre little nicknacks
ADOPTED!! - Dr Twelle, grumpy mcgrumpface, as her colleagues call her, knows her crap and doesn't put up with crap from others
- Dr Thirrene, not much is known about this man, other than some people are cynical that he's around for good PR

If you're interested please SEND ME A NOTE, thanks
also, don't hate me for being stupid.  ;p



- these are bust previews, yay
- the transaction is clean hands, no fuss no muss, feel free to ask if you have further questions
- There are two pricing options ...
   - $25 lands you the adoptable as is (full rights to character and etc)
        - the preview drawing will be colored after purchase
        - I'll be willing to give advice on how to mesh this with your other characters, but only after you do some legwork on implementing them into your cast
   - $60 lands you the adoptable and you also get a full body drawing of the character
        - again, the bust preview will be colored after purchase, as well as full rights and such
        (note, this will be placed on the following schedule --> )
- IF, by chance, someone else adopts the adoptable you wanted while this set is still open (or recently sold out), you can get a SIMILAR one
    - However, this is only available for the $25 option
    - to clarify further, the new character will be a new character, but with enough changes to be a new character (i.e. Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter V)
        - do note this is a courtesy offer as sets sometimes sell out on day 1, please be respectful
    - One other footnote: if you want a character "but with some changes" I would count that as a similar dopt
- ALSO, Patrons have first dibs during the first day (that is, until I wake up the day after posting)
    - for more info see here -->…
    - everyone else can place second dibs VIA NOTE, and will be rewarded the character if no patrons claim them
    - Please don't passive aggressively say "I SURE HOPE NOBODY ADOPTS THIS CHARACTER" in the comment section
        - I consider that badgering patrons and it will result in warnings (and permabans if you're a whiner about it)
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TheSoylentOrange Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Professional Writer
Ahhhh I love this, especially 13 being a guy. XP
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018   Digital Artist
it seemed appropriate.  lol
adam7734 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
I'm a Whovian and I love it!  Especially for including the "extra" Doctors.
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018   Digital Artist
thanks a ton!  yeah, I had a couple friends help me out and they initially only suggested Rowan as a joke.  felt it appropriate given his influence on the current run
radarnocturn Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Okay, had to google this but now I finally know who Dr. Relief is, the one from Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death.  Now is Dr. Diles the one played by Peter Cushing?
Sasta-Koogrr Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
I've been wondering who Dr. Relief was. I got the Peter Cushing reference.
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018   Digital Artist
yup yup
yeah a friend challenged me on this set so I ran with it
DarkRonin21 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
A dopt for what ails ya
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018   Digital Artist
a dopt a day ...
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
You brilliant... brilliant artist. You have appealed to my inner who-vian, massively. I can even spot my favorite doctor in this list. You are my hero.
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018   Digital Artist
that's a relief.  I was worried that Whovians would slaughter me. lol
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Only the idiotic ones, or maybe the purists. -_-
But you're safe. :D
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