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My Obsessive Valentine - SOLD OUT by JonFreeman My Obsessive Valentine - SOLD OUT by JonFreeman
This set has sold out
Thanks again for all your support!

- if you're still in the market for dopts, I have more here -->  ADOPTABLES! 3/5 - Questionable SupersGOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!
Hey team!
Over the course of time I've been complimented here and there on my original characters that I've designed. I've contemplated how to make this more available to everyone at a more affordable price. With this in mind, I've decided to go the adoptables route.
You can buy characters from me.
How does that work? It's pretty straight forward. Periodically I'll post a batch of characters to choose from. Each will have a light back story and personality pre-packaged with it. Once you pay the nominal fee, you get to use these characters in any way that you'd like royalty free (which means you owe me nothing after the fact, though shout outs are always appreciated).
The specific details regarding pricing are on each of the batches. I've listed out which characters are available still from each set. Feel free to click on the pictures below to find out more.
Please do not claim an adoptable unless you can pay within the week.  If you


True love conquers all!
(including other people)

ADOPTED!! - Moriah Alto, a dulcet toned jazz singer with eyes for a passive fan
ADOPTED!! - Gardeen Liefeld, a tricksy lifeguard who can be extra protective
ADOPTED!! - Summer Campos, a frustrated counselor looking to light a fire

ADOPTED!! - Sekushii Ueitoresu, a maid who's a bit too committed to her job
ADOPTED!! - Frieda Momony, a light novel author who always looks forward to visits from her little angel's friend
ADOPTED!! - Wednesday Goodness, a dedicated waitress who remembers exactly what her favorite client loves to order

If you're interested, just SEND ME A NOTE, thanks.  ^__^



- these are bust previews, yay
- the transaction is clean hands, no fuss no muss, feel free to ask if you have further questions
- There are two pricing options ...
   - $25 lands you the adoptable as is (full rights to character and etc)
        - the preview drawing will be colored after purchase
        - I'll be willing to give advice on how to mesh this with your other characters, but only after you do some legwork on implementing them into your cast
   - $60 lands you the adoptable and you also get a full body drawing of the character
        - again, the bust preview will be colored after purchase, as well as full rights and such
        (note, this will be placed on the following schedule --> )
- IF, by chance, someone else adopts the adoptable you wanted while this set is still open (or recently sold out), you can get a SIMILAR one for $25
    - to clarify further, the new character will be a new character, but with enough changes to be a new character (i.e. Ryu and Ken are similar)
        - do note this is a courtesy offer as sets sometimes sell out on day 1, please be respectful
    - One other footnote: if you want a character "but with some changes" I would count that as a similar dopt
- ALSO, Patrons have first dibs during the first day (that is, until I wake up the day after posting)
    - everyone else can place second dibs VIA NOTE, and will be rewarded the character if no patrons claim them
    - Please don't passive aggressively say "I SURE HOPE NOBODY ADOPTS THIS CHARACTER" in the comment section
        - I consider that badgering patrons and it will result in warnings (and permabans if you're a whiner about it)
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SpiralingStaircase Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
I always appreciate the naming conventions you use, but Wednesday Goodness is really something special. :XD:
TheSoylentOrange Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Professional Writer
...I don't get it? ^^;

I'm thinking of Wednesday Addams, "Wednesday's child is full of woe", "Hump day"...  What's the pun or wordplay I'm missing? ^^;
JonFreeman Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018   Digital Artist
hehehehe, thanks XD
DarkRonin21 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
They've got their eye on you
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
That's creepy... But flattering, I guess? :shrug:
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