Trying a new commissions model for 2019

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By JonFawkes
So instead of intermittently opening and closing my commissions every few months and having to direct people elsewhere, and given my current demand for commissions, I am instead going to be using a queue system. I will only be taking one commission at a time, but anyone who wants one will be put in a queue and I will contact you when I am ready to accept your commission.

Hopefully this way I can keep commissions open longer and more people will have the chance to buy a commission if they so choose

So with that said, my commissions are official open again, and hopefully this time they stay open
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Hey Fawkes!  While I'm not against you going to a new system, but if you're only doing one at a time and people had issues getting commissions from you before... is the wait list literally months or years to get something from you now?
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At the moment, yes, the wait list is quite long and it is months before I might be able to get to a commission, but that's about the same as it was before
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I’m thinking about having a comission from you but right now saving my money. But I’ll let you know
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No worries no rush, I'm trying this new system out so that my commissions will stay open longer, so whenever you're ready go ahead and PM me
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I'm in the same boat as Xros. I'll let you know. 
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what are prices Jon?
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Commissions (January 2019) by JonFawkes

Prices are a little vague, I much prefer going case-by-case and pricing depending on what you want, so if you want something you just need to PM me
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