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Commissions are closed! I will not be accepting any more until I finish what's currently in my queue.

I tried this queue thing, and it was really more trouble than convenience, so when my commissions open up again, they will be first come first served, and I will be a little more picky about what I accept for commission.

I'm gonna make a lot of changes in 2020. I'm gonna start some new projects. I'm gonna finish my old ones. I no longer really have time to take commissions, but I know people still want them, so I will try to accept them when I can.

Hope you all have a happy and successful new year

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oh crap, i had no idea you took commissions! i woulda gotten one years ago:nuu:

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I still do, kinda. They're closed at the moment but I'm still doing stuff, I'll open them back up eventually

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oh cool, ill deffo nab one then

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Thanks for the heads up, happy new year.
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Happy new year Fawkesy!:dummy:
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Are you still gonna tackle mine when my next payday comes? You said you would.
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Yes, any that are on my list I will still do, I'm just not accepting any new ones

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You uploaded dupes of the same post.
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My bad, deviantart glitched when I tried to post this

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I figured you clicked the button multiple times.
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