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Where the Magic Lives (Pic of the week MLPS9E26)

By JonFawkes
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Thank you for everything you've taught us, my little ponies

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Thank you MLP for making it special for all of us
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I love the show too bad it was the very last one and it ended
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What about luster?
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Now this, this is beautiful.

ladyruthnineteen's avatar
This is gorgeous!!!! •♡♡
StoneMan85's avatar
Thank you guys.  Thank you so much.  Still saddened for such a series to end so soon.
MrWonderWorks's avatar
And remember Friendship Is Magic forever!
tehwatcher's avatar
you shall be miss TwT

gosh you did awesome your really one of the best

and  their awesome X3
LightReading2's avatar
Twlight friends actually look younger and look better here than on the show finale episode
TheTimeTraveler's avatar
How charming. ^_^ Nice work. ^_^
knightx4's avatar
I'm gonna miss this series, my brony status has come to an end😔
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some bronies with you tube channels are going to try to stay in touch.  if you have friends on line you could do the same.
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I'm so glad you picked this part to do a screen redraw. I'm especially happy you caught the rainbow that formed as it drew to a close.
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It's been a helluva ride, huh?
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Yep. Glad it happen yo.:)
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Hope you continue to do your awesome human screenshot art!
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Thanks MLP for making friendship really magical!
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Anyone else going to show this show to their kids?

But yeah, this show sure was something. It´s the reason I started writing about 7-8 years ago, and now I´m already working on a novel that I plan on publishing. 
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Good morning friend, Wonderful.
Gone-Goodbye's avatar
The show may be over, but the memories lives on.
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This is amazing! Love 
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