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Together (Pic of the week MLPS9E23)

By JonFawkes
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Saccharine sweet

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It was so nice to actually see them get married. It put the cap on this wonderful little arc.
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Aww. <3

Marble Pie is crying into a pillow right now, though. :<
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Miss Cheerliee is so very very lonely she needs a special somebody, though.

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Beautiful, in so many waysHeart 
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Another beautiful artwork as always.
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i gona cry, so beautiful

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OMG, this episode. So beautiful! And what a great way to end the arc of Big Mac and Sugar Belle, even that they were only three episodes. with them together.
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This episode was funny, emotional, and sweet! Love it!
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Bright Mac and Pear Butter would be so proud.

I wonder who Applejack and Apple Bloom will be with?
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sbdjkadaldlajsdj this is soo beautiful

TwT so beautifuflf 
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And hardly and stories to be told to grow this relationship lol.  Meh the curse of being supportive cast
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They weren't even shown to have met in the ONE SCENE that Sugar Belle was in Ponyville, and suddenly he's going to her village "for the fifth time this week" despite having never been formally introduced? He's just going to WALK across the COUNTRY to deliver a cart full of apples to a mare he'd never met before in a town he'd never been to (nor heard of, because literally nobody had heard of it before Season 5) to have a relationship? Bullshit. Absolute garbage "writing".
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Its not really garbage writing.  You dont have to have them meet in a scene.  Plus its pretty clear it was him delivering apples to Starlights village and thats how they metTHEN he goes all that way for a mare.  I dont know how anyone can miss that
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Starlight's village is ACROSS THE CONTINENT from Ponyville. It takes HOURS by train to get to Canterlot, and her village is more than twice as far, and OVER MOUNTAINS. He WALKED that whole way pulling a cart full of apples? To a village he'd NEVER heard of? For a mare he'd NEVER met? There are cities closer to her village than Ponyville, so HOW did she order apples from Sweet Apple Acres? Sugar Belle appears in ONE SCENE in the episode Celestial Advice, and Big Mac is NOWHERE in the room. Which means this "relationship" wasn't even THOUGHT OF prior to Hard to Say Anything, meaning it came literally out of nowhere. And the "fifth time this week" line retcons their initial meeting, brushing aside the fact that they'd never met in the ONE episode that she was actually in Ponyville. The LEAST they should have done was put him in the scene with her, showing that they'd indeed be able to meet. Retcon is indicative of garbage writing. When you can't be bothered to put necessary information into your story prior to its importance, you're literally making it up as you go.
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Once again clearly doing deliveries first THEN doing for a mare. As fr how its pretty clear once can assume that AJ and sugarbelle talked after the whole starlight deal. By the way the apples have done long deliveries before not to mention ponies always travel long distances. so thats invalid. Thats not even retconning. Besides itrs probably true that it wasnt thought of before hand but thats not retcon not garbage writing. Amazing how people miss this

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Retcon is short for "Retroactive Continuity". When you establish Continuity Retroactively, you're using Retcon. By saying "Fifth time this week" WITHOUT showing ANY prior meetings, they're establishing Continuity (the meetings between the two) Retroactively (because it happened in the past). It is the literal definition of Retcon. Amazing how people miss this.

"As fr how its pretty clear once can assume that AJ and sugarbelle talked after the whole starlight deal." No, if it is not SHOWN, we cannot ASSUME anything. It's not even HINTED at before that episode that the two had ever met. In fact, they could have used almost literally ANY MARE that had EVER been shown in the show (shit, they could have used any STALLION, too), and there would have been EXACTLY as much to support the relationship as Sugar Belle. Precisely NONE. There was literally nothing to support the relationship prior to it being forced on us. "By the way the apples have done long deliveries before not to mention ponies always travel long distances." So now we're just going to brush aside the fact that five trips TO and FROM her village would take FAR MORE than a week? He walked the whole way pulling a cart. It would take a day to get there and then another to get back. If he didn't leave as soon as he got back to Ponyville (you know maybe he slept or something) it would take no less than two weeks for those 5 trips. It takes HOURS to get to Canterlot from Ponyville by train (and last I looked, trains are just a BIT faster than walking) and her village is TWICE as far, PLUS climbing mountains after the train ride. Yes, the Apples HAVE delivered things a ways before, and oddly enough, they took several days for the delivery. But now Big Mac can go across the continent in a few hours?

"Once again clearly doing deliveries first THEN doing for a mare." Once again, you're making lots of assumptions with literally zero supporting evidence. If her village is THAT strapped for apples, there are cities FAR CLOSER that could have delivered them. This is just a baseless excuse for garbage writing.
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Not saying its okay but its clear the staff dont put thought into how long it take Big Mac to go all that way. Which i agree since it isnt really relevant. You say its forced but not really. Theres really nothing wrong with just introducing this concept right then and there. You really dont have show us how they met. And yes we are just going to brush aside those long trips lol. it really doesnt matter. And i can assume what i want cause its pretty clear that what would happen when it comes to AJ and Starlight and sugarbelle talking out deals. I dont need evidence when it comes to Big Mac doing deliveries. Thats how these meet ups work. When you are doing a job suddenly you meet a nice girl. This is not an excuse its pretty obvious. I dont see it as garbage writing cause its not. Probably cause no one cares on the distance of a trip. Wow lol

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So what you're saying is that they can make up literally whatever bullshit they want, whenever they want, and you'll just accept it. "its clear the staff dont put thought into how long it take Big Mac to go all that way." Quality writing dictates that you DO put thought into that. Quality writing dictates you put thought into EVERY aspect of the episode, from the character personalities and their interactions with each other, to the story being told (whether or not it matters or makes sense) which, yes, includes minute details. If the story doesn't matter, WHY make it into an episode? That's what we call a "filler" episode. How does Naruto drinking spoiled milk and having to use the bathroom for an entire episode matter in the course of the show? It doesn't, yet the episode exists anyway. Solely because they needed to FILL the season until the next manga volumes could come out.

"You really dont have show us how they met." Yes, they do, otherwise HOW did they pick Sugar Belle? She's NOT the only mare in the show. They could have picked literally any other mare from the show, but they didn't, they picked her based on literally nothing at all. Did they throw a dart at a dart board of characters? I mean, Big Mac had never met Saffron Marsala, so why wasn't SHE the choice? Or Lightning Dust? Shit, in the comics Fleetfoot was vying for his affections, so why didn't they pick her? Sugar Belle was a literally RANDOM PICK. And the fact that she lives across the CONTINENT is a HUGE problem. There are mares in Ponyville he'd never met. They live literally MINUTES from Sweet Apple Acres (removing the ENTIRE travel distance issue). But they weren't chosen, either. This ship was based on literally nothing at all. There was literally no thought put into it, making it no more than a crack ship. Even crack ship fanfic authors put more thought into their crack ships than went into that episode.

"When you are doing a job suddenly you meet a nice girl." That kind of necessitates having an initial meeting, doesn't it? Or do you just gloss over that issue in real life, too?

"Probably cause no one cares on the distance of a trip." People who care about quality writing care about the distance of the trip. That doesn't include you or the writer, apparently.
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Its good that their relationship wasn't a one off thing in the show and that it was given good development.
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i wuldnt say good.  its at least follow upy
Hmm, I guess. Still at least they developed them rather then it just being a one off thing. For what it was, it was nice.
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