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The Truth (Pic of the week MLPS9E21)

By JonFawkes
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Caballeron's new waifu

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With a full beard and fisherman's hat, it seemed like Caballeron was trying to look like George R. R. Martin.
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Discord "WHO'S NEW WAIFU?!?! Wrath FLUTTERSHY IS MIIIINNNEEE!!:powerup: " 
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XD oh gosh hahahahahaha

nice work X3
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This episode made me develop a ship for them, WHY MLP??? :XD:
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but i ship he with Daring Do :3
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human fluttershy so adorable in that outfit
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Oh no he's hot
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To be honest, if I were him, I would've used a grappling hook or a drone to fetch something up high...
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i like fluttersgy but i hate this episode
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(OoC: Silly Jon, she's everyone's waifu. There's nothing new about it)
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(OoC: Keep telling yourself that)
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