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The Summoner (Pic of the week V3E04)

By JonFawkes
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Just a quick question:

Are your commissions still open?
JonFawkes's avatar
At the time of this comment, Yes
KnightyNightey's avatar
Sending you a note :)
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Simply lovely XD
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I am glad this episode alluded to the future purpose the knight in the White Trailer.
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Keep your stance wide;
Keep your body lower;
And as your moving forward,
Balance is the key!
flawlessvictory20's avatar
Right foot, left foot
Now go even faster.
And as you're moving backward,
Keep your eyes on me.
Mad42Hatter's avatar
Concentrate! Don't you want her to live?!
weatherly23's avatar
*eye twitches*
Your early access really aggravates my fragile patience for new episodes.
I don't mean this in a hateful way, it just really grates my patience.
JonFawkes's avatar
If you can, you should consider becoming a sponsor. Buying a 3 year sponsorship is only $1.67 a month, you probably pick up that much change randomly on the street
weatherly23's avatar
Where did you find the 3 year sponsorship, because it only shows me the 6 month and 1 month recurring things when I look at the sponsor page.
JonFawkes's avatar It was mentioned on this page, but that post is a little old, it might not be available anymore
weatherly23's avatar
Looking at the more recent page comments, they've stopped doing any type of membership besides 1 month and 6 month recurring.
JonFawkes's avatar
Ah, that's a shame. Still the 6 month membership is incredibly cheap compared to something like netflix
weatherly23's avatar
Thanks for trying to help.
weatherly23's avatar
Hm, well that's interesting. I'll look into it if it's that cheap.
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oh, some RWBY, nice.
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this is awesome!
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Jon, quick question: Are you a premium member on the Rooster Teeth site?
JonFawkes's avatar
I am, that's how I watch the episodes early
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