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Revenge Best Served Cold(Pic of the week MLPS9E24)

By JonFawkes
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Best Starlight's moment.

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Doesnt need to be 20 percent cooler because it is already 100 percent awesome!
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The Best Fight in the chapter.
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I'm in awe of your mastery of fashion. That's such a beautiful outfit for Starlight, and Chrysalis' 'upgrades' translate nicely into your style. Bravo! :)
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their so epic here

and you make one hot XDgirls XD
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Starlight: Put it on my tab :3
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Teleport spamming FTW.
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The Pen-ultimate Battle.
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These are so awesome. 
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her armor looks even better on human Chysailis than pony one.  Starlight fantastic too
Yeah, that armor design is fantastic. :D

The Ultimate Battle Has Begun

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Welcome to the madness.
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This is epic!
Wish it was as epic as Twilight and Tireks fight. Still was pretty good.
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Best part in the finale.
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Whoo!  You show her, beauty queen!
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WELCOME TO YAKYAKISTAN, B&TCH!! The BEST coolest country of Equestria, home to Yona the HUMBLE!!!!

Jacqui (Kosplay) MKX icon NOW, let's stop the yakking and  gidon' with the attacking!!

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Thank you for the good memories Starlight.
You are the pony that I will miss most.

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