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Oblivious (Pic of the week MLPS9E20)

By JonFawkes
Don't ever change, Trixie

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You know, moments like these reminds me why I like the show.
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These scenes from you are so amazing. I love your interpretations and the outfits in this one are just gorgeous!
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HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!  Perfectly captured Trixie's energy here!  Love your designs for them too!
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Starlight and Trixie spin-off! (or maybe just tv-movie...)
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One of my favourite episodes. Great rendition! :D
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cute and i like anime
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They're such a great duo. ^^
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Starlight looks so gorgeous in this pic.

I love her hairstyle, she looks good with short hair ❤
Her outfit is also great.

Starlight, most gorgeous headmare ever! 😊

Good work JonFawkes.
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Ha ! Nice one !
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And that Starlight who not give a shit xDD
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There's a new meme in town: WINK!
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I thought Starlight might be blushing since this is an anime version of the episode.
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this is wonderufl work

nice X3 hehehehe
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(OoC: Real talk, I really like your outfits)
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A fitting end to the episode, yes.
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Yeah, that was hilarious.
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starlight annoyed with trixie
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