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Japanese Storytelling (Pic of the week V3E03)

By JonFawkes
And then a giant robot attacks

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Loved that part:
Ruby: What's going on?
Weiss: Some crazy guy just started attacking my sister!
Ruby:  What?  Who would do- That is my uncle!
Weiss: What?
Ruby: Kick her butt Uncle Qrow!
Weiss: Teach him respect Wnter!
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Luzyara(Me): "One of the best moments in the show."-svolozhanin7 2016@
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Yes it was.  I wish my uncles were as awesome as Qrow.
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Luzyara: But I do not Uncle. I even grandparents died when i was 11 years old..... :(
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Sergey: Heh.....
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lol man "Oh that's my uncle!" I can't believe I barely got that until just reading the comments! 
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one Word cute
As long as you don't die of a heart attack from Ruby's cuteness.
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i have seen something a 1000000000 times cuter and i still wounder if im dead or alive
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please tell am i dead or alive
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It's the minor details that really make this stand out for me. The shadows, the creases, and even the blur effect. These look great! Keep them coming!
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I loved this episode so much. I can't believe how well Lindsay is nailing it this season! 
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Lindsay never disappoints! Everyone on the RWBY team has been hitting it out of the park this year...and we're only 3 chapters in!!
Giant robots in RWBY... not sure if that would be awesome or seem out of place for some reason.
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You mean Volume 2 Episode 4?
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I'm a bit confused, what's Japanese about this?
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Well they did reference RvB in the previous season, so why not there other works.
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