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Hero (Pic of the week V3E11)

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Dude, love your work.
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Oh yeah, one of my favourite moments of the volume.
I honestly love the look in her eye, she's done playing around.
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go ruby! for penny! for pyrrha!
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Sergey(Me): And for Roman! 
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Ok.. Yeah for roman too...
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Sergey: Let's kick some Grimn Grifon ass for Roman!
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Despite only bringing about failure, Ruby never seems to give up does she.
Ironically, Ruby has lost time and time again because she wasn't fast enough. She couldn't capture Torchwick, couldn't stop Cinder, failed to save Penny couldn't stop the train, failed to beat Torchwick AGAIN, and wasn't fast enough to stop Pyrrha's death. So far, the only thing that speed has won her is a food fight.
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Well she is just a begginger at being a huntress, and Torchwick, along with Cinder have been doing this for a longer than she has been with her sythe, aura and semblance. True she did fail to pass Mercury to get to Penny and Pyrrah to stop the fight, failed to save Pyrrah from Cinder. But you can't really blame her for being late, sure she has speed as her semblance, but sometimes speed is not that easy to control.
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This honestly makes me question whether Ruby really IS the supposed bringer of victory the first opening song is referring to, because all Ruby's seems to bring is hope and failure given her track record. 
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Sergey(Me): "Unfortunately the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."- Blake 2013@

Sergey: Ruby's time to learn from her mistakes.
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You sir have a point!
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A very epic scene in that episode for me. Awesome!
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Broule(My OC in RWBY): What big words for such a young child like you, well, let's see how you do it.

*After 12 episodes*

Broule: *Broule drinking and smoking at a bar*.....Hehehe, you failed Red.....:( (Sad) 
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I found this funny that not only did Ruby not stop Torchtwick (one of the grimm did), but if you really think about they also didn't stop Cinder since in the end she accomplished her goal, but still nice recreation of the scene.
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So yo think Ruby is gonna fail in the end given her track record? 
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No, I know she will succeed in the end because she's the main character of the series, I'm just saying that this whole statement she said to Torchtwick was entirely incorrect.
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Well it's just that what you said made me wonder if Ruby's design and weapon are meant to reference the Angel of Death, a Bringer of Death upon those both friend and foe. 
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nicely done. i think this is one of the only drawings i like better than the original lol. you made it look much more polished and glossy, which is very nice. also even the flow is better, like in her hair and cape
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