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Grown up (Pic of the week MLPS9E22)

By JonFawkes
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Just watched this episode about half an hour ago. Although their bodies had matured, their minds hadn't. Good thing they realized that near the end.
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Lovey cute and beatifull work on them that ever stopped the cloppers. 
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That's so gorgeous! :happybounce: Heart 
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I love how Scootaloo's ears are her wings and Rarity's sister's ears are pointed. This is VERY good and a really cool way to tell what they are as ponies. I love this.
MewMewMLPCatPony's avatar
I think the unicorns in this (these anime drawing of them) are elfs and earth ponies just normal humans and the ponies with wings(forgot their name)are i dont really know..
Desphiria's avatar
The wing ears are for the pegasus ponies. ^^ 
MewMewMLPCatPony's avatar
Yeah! i forgot their names were pegasus thank you!
Desphiria's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
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Wouldn't what'shername in the middle be...well, in a wheelchair?
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I mean, they´re 18 physically, but they´re still foals mentally.
So yeah, it´s complicated.

But people have the same issue with Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero.

Anyway, great pic as always.
Wait......when did they grow up?
MewMewMLPCatPony's avatar
Season 9 they used a wish flower and they turned 18 -_- then they were asked to turn back to fillies BUT FOR SOME REASON TWILIGHT CALLED THEM FOALS so yeah then in the last ep of all of MLP it was 20 years later then starlight takes over the whole friendship school plus the CMC are grown ups and their teaching at the school thats it thats when they grown up in both eps
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do you have an art of the young CMC so i can compare with this one, JonFawkes?
JonFawkes's avatar
Somewhere in my gallery probably
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CMC look suu cute even grown up!
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They look amazing.
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this looks awesome nice work
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