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Everything's okay (Pic of the week V3E12)

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Calling Raven. Calling Raven.


Your daughter needs some black magic to regenerate her arm!
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Oh she'll be fine.  Ironwood didn't need black magic.  We'll just augment Yang with a cybernetic new arm!  With built-in hand cannon!
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But tin man's ugly.
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Yellow Beauty may Burn Gold, but its her inside we find the most beautiful, not her outside.
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Well said. Oh, let her new arm have built-in lasers, shields, dust-augmented wolverinesque blades... that's all I got
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And able to crush steel between her bare mechanized fingers.

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(Pyhrra Kisses Jaune)

Me: No! Don't do that! Urg! She's so dead!

(Kissing major character always equals death)

(Cinder Kills Pyhrra)


(2 minutes later)

(Still, freaking amazing season!)

That being said. AMAZING WORK!

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Logically, we must keep Blake and Yang from ever kissing.  Ever.  For ANY reason.
Don't forget Ruby and Weiss. I'd rather keep those two from that kind of action.
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I'm slightly less supportive of that ship, and with recent developments may lean towards a Ruby/Jaune... but either way, yes, no kissing for anyone.  Ditto for Ren and Nora too.  You two do nothing but boop.
Yeah. All of these obnoxious OTPs really need to just GTFO. It makes newcomers to the series just uneasy.
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I was so close to crying after seeing this and seeing Pyrrha being killed.  How do you make these?
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Sketching lines and coloring in between bouts of tears
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Wow... I wish I could draw.... I suck... And even if I did draw I don't know how to get money or even how to buy anything so I'm still completely and utterly lost aaaaannd I hate Valentines Day because I have no one special so it's drunk beer and bars for me.
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Are you drunk right now? Why would you post this on this particular picture (instead of say my main profile page or something)
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A little and I don't know how to
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Pyrha's dead?

Fix-Fics are already being made that undo all the good character development we've gotten because of that
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Jeez talk about an anticlimactic ending of that season almost nothing happened except pyra is dead am I the only who here who wants bad guys to win cuz I do 
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How do sleep at night?
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Probably thinking the bad things are not evil but necessary?
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Just food for thought
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