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Blondie (Pic of the week V3E06)

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Oh, you did *not* just say that.
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The scene after this made me go "Oh S%!&, this is not good." As such, I always cringe at the thought of rewatching all of season 3. The first part is fantastic, though. Love it! The second part, while having some awesome moments, made me understand how the original, hardcore Star Wars fans felt following "The Empire Strikes Back."
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Damn your, thats just beyond good! Do you work for Roosterteeth? if not put in, I think they could use someone with this skill, cuz, wow! That is just soo good. I love it! ^^
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I wish I worked for RT. I've tried submitting my resume but they're not looking for an artist unfortunately
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Oh but she'll probably get a robot arm and will use said arm to break his robot legs....Nora will be proud.:D (Big Grin) 
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lol, well it is possible, but as much as I like Yang I feel bad that the best look-designed char of the series won't show up anymore.
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did you see the final episode? If you did not I won't spoil it for you, but if you did, then I will translate my message lol
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I did see it.  Please translate.  Was is Penny because of what happened to her?  I want to know!
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No, Pyrrha, she is done, and IMO she was the best looking character of the series.
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Lost track of time with my work and car breaking down and only thought I saw the last episode.  However I saw the last one before you responded so nothing was spoiled.  Hate that she was killed off.  Maybe she will reappear as ghost in a later episode?  
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At the point that he said that at first I thought he meant that Cinder was going to off him for failing.
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Almost prefer this style. Very awesome remaking.
And cue the red eyes of rage and fury. You done goofed, Mercury.
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No, it was entirely on purpose
But still, that would piss her off.
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You could say that...
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You know he dead, or Yang's weakness to fighting styles focusing on kicks will cause her to get the hell literally kicked out of her.
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Yang looks so Beautiful!!! Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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So do you like colour over the picture, or use it as reference?
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